Jan 20 2005

Mariah to Perform at Live 8 Concert in Hyde Park

On Saturday, July 2 in London's Hyde Park Mariah will take the stage to participate in Bob Geldof's LIVE 8 concert extravaganza in an effort to Make Poverty History.

Every single day 30,000 children die because they live in extreme poverty.

On Wednesday, July 6th the eight leaders of the most powerful and richest countries in the world will gather for a summit meeting in the town of Gleneagles in Scotland.

These men can make poverty history and change the future for hundreds of millions of people – but they will only do it if enough of us tell them to.

That’s what LIVE 8 – The Long Walk To Justice is all about, and that’s why we want your voice

Visit www.live8live.com for more info on how you too can lend your voice to
Make Poverty History

CLICK HERE for ticket info to attend the London, Hyde Park Concert.

You can also catch live coverage of the concert on BBC TV

LINK: Mariah to Perform at Live 8 Concert in Hyde Park
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