Feb 05 2005

Thank You Notes for 4th of July Taping


What an amazing time my best friend and I had cruising along the Hudson River with Mariah! The night started with a relaxing glass of wine and a great view of the city lights. Mariah's performance on the top deck of the boat was spectacular (she was appropriately dressed in a red, a white and a blue dress). The setting could not have been more intimate and exciting; my hand could reach her and the camera was in my face. This experience, THIS year, was particularly special because my father's first birthday since his death is on July 4th. Thank you Mariah and your fan club for making my dream come true!
Laura H.

i would first like to say to you thank you for selecting me for the event that was the first time i was ever that close to mariah. i think that was the happiest ive been in a long time. it was all just so incredible! so thank you so much i truely truely appreciated it! ..

as for the event, it was awsome! the view from the boat was was beautiful. to see lady liberty lit up like that was amazing . all the building were so pretty. the sight was so great that it didnt even feel like it was real. mariah is an awsome person she is so down to earth and just good hearted. she was talkin to her fans like she knew them for years. she was just lovely and funny too. honestly i cant even find words to really deeply describe how wonderful it was. this email wouldnt give it justice honestly! it was just a once in a lifetime experience that i will never forget. THANKS GINA AND HONEY B. FLY!!!!!!!!

I wanted to first thank you so much and everyone involved in the taping, including MARIAH! I had a wonderful time and even got to catch an autograph from Miss Mimi herself! The event on the boat was an amazing surprise for me! It was an intimate evening, and me and the fans had a great opportunity to get close up with Mariah, while still experiencing a most delightful performs! She was festive, she was fun... she was more than worrds could describe for me honestly; all good words of course! I've seen Mariah in two different concerts, but this was more close up; it was a riot to see how cool and happy and charming and talented this woman really is. I mean, I already knew it, but it was almost surreal to experience seeing it for myself, and only five feet away from her! The setting was beautiful! The warm weather, accompanied by oceanic breeze and beautiful views of the NY Hudson were totally to my liking, and MC was totally on point! She was casual and cool, yet totally in power and confident and fully showed what a talented artist/musician she is! It's so nice to see that consistency every time I see Mariah. I can't decide what the best part of the night was... Her organic, original, amazing vocals for America The Beautiful left me stunned in my seat! It was sensational! Her other two performances were perfect... watch her on July 4th to see just what I'm talking about! Me and my guest left her a dozen yellow roses along with a little charm we picked up.
Thanks Mimi!

MariahÂ’s 4th of July performance was phenomenal! After boarding The Majestic Star Yacht we first sipped on some wine, and had appetizers as the crew set up for MariahÂ’s performance. Soon after we were escorted to the top of the yacht where there was a very intimate setting of tables for 4 in front of a stage where Mariah blew us away. The first song she sang was “America The BeautifulÂ, which almost bought tears to my eyes. Her rendition of “America The Beautiful was astounding. She wore a long sparkly blue dress, and sang it in front of the Statue of Liberty. The atmosphere was spectacular. She next sang We Belong Together. She had me wondering if she was really singing that song to someone on the yacht. Her vibrant moves and energy were AMAZING. You could really see the song in her movements. She wore a red dress, with some festive red pumps. Next there were four sailors that did a little march/dance with 4 flags. It was HOT, and so where the sailors. As they finished you could here the “ItÂ’s Like That beat blended into the beat the sailors where dancing to. Next Mariah walked onto the stage with a little white sailor shirt and skirt. Too cute!! It reminded me of the “Honey video. The audience than stood up and danced as Mariah sang “ItÂ’s Like That. The dancers looked really good. The girls wore white blazers with red white and blue flag inspired skirts. And the fellas wore red shirts and white pants. We were also entertained by Little Miss Sade. That girl has personality and talent. She was too cute. She had me thinking she choreographed the dance moves. She was really getting down and had the dancersÂ’ moves on point. I canÂ’t wait to set my VCR for this 4th of July performance, because that was definitely a performance I want to see again and again. THANK YOU for a WONDERFUL evening I will never forget Mariah.
Natasha S. (aka Tash)

Last night has got to be the most touching of any night I've ever experienced. Being so close on a beautiful yacht (something I would have never otherwise experienced at such a young age) with Miss Carey was absolutely DIVINE Dahhhling! She was gorgeous in every ensemble and I especially loved the blue ensemble. After the America the Beautiful rendition of which only Mariah could sing so effortlessly, and seeing the Statue of Liberty behind her, she reminded me of how truly grateful I am and all other fans should be just to be in her presence. The entire night rocked and the food and wine and soda everything was excellent. I met some amazing lambs and also of course as always loved chatting with Mariah and hearing stories and sharing stories. She made every attempt to speak with us and apologized to the rest fo the crowd, explaining she had to catch up with her fans! Always gracious and everloving...we will cherish our memories of last night forever!! Thank you for the opportunity to be with friends and the person who changed our lives forever!
I LOVE HBF!!!!!!!
Kristin G.

First of all, we got on the boat and the waiters and everyone was so nice! They served food and drinks to us and then we set sail on the harbor. The night was so beautiful. It was my first time seeing all of the sights in the city and it was even better because Mariah was there!!! She came out and performed her rendition of "America the Beautiful" with the Statue of Liberty in the background and it was amazing! Mariah was decked out in a long, blue ball gown for the first performance and then she changed into red for "We Belong Together" and then white for "It's Like That". We sat on the rooftop of the yacht and sang along with Mariah the entire time. I had the time of my life and I will never forget it!!
Thank you Honey B. Fly for giving me this opportunity!!
Deniece D.

Thank you to Frank P for the photo's below.

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