Feb 13 2005

Mariah - 'Snoop Rocked Live 8'

VH1 UK reports:

Mariah Carey says that Snoop Dog was her favourite performer at Live 8 this weekend.

Speaking as a guest on today's TRL, the superstar vocalist who herself performed at Live 8, reflected upon the gigantic concert and singled out Snoop as her highlight. "I enjoyed everybody," Mariah told Dave, looking resplendent in a shiny blue dress (Mariah, not Dave). "There were huge legends there that I was just honoured to be sharing a space with."

"Personally though, Snoop was one of my favourites. I love Snoop."

Commenting on her own performance, Mariah added: "I was so honoured to be there. I didn't go to the soundcheck the day before cos I needed to rest my voice and I'm glad cos I think it would have made me freak out even more about how huge it was.

"It was a real honour."

LINK: Mariah - 'Snoop Rocked Live 8'
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