Feb 23 2005

In Touch Magazine

In Touch has learned new information about the so-called feud between Mariah Carey and Madonna at the Live 8 Concert. Mariah's and Madonna's camps are bemused at reports that there is tension between the two stars. And, according to a representative for Mariah, she is "truly disheartened that something this trivial was fabricated amid such an important and monumental event." We've since learned that Mariah and Madonna actually never saw each other at the concert. Madonna performed in the late afternoon, and Mariah's performance was scheduled for later that evening. Mariah was also onstage for the all-star finale. Therefore, there is certainly no truth to the story that Mariah viewed Madonna's performance from her trailer. Mariah did not ask for any special privileges. In fact, Mariah had no TV monitor in her trailer. Her trailer, like all of the artists', was very basic and simple. Mariah's reps added that she has only the highest esteem for all the artists who supported Live 8. And they were all there with just one common goal in mind - to lend their support to help make poverty a thing of the past.

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