Mar 07 2005

Thank You Notes From Recent Winners

Thank you so much.

I happily can report to you that yesterday was a fantastic, outstanding day!
I´d like to explicitely thank *you* from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to meet my idol, Mariah, and being most kind and supportive to me!! Dankeschoen! :-)

Best wishes from Germany
Markus M.


I just thought I wanted to write you (especially Gina and Rob) a little message, kind of a “Thank You message! First of all, thank you for the opportunity to see Mariah right after the show in Karlsruhe at the Meet&Greet, it was very very cool, she was very very nice, loved the fanbook and she also remembered me from March in Berlin (when me and my boyfriend Benni had this huge banner at and after the show “Wetten Dass..?Â). She was so kind. For the photo (a photographer did it like at the M&G at the CB tour) we both hold the fanbook together in our hands, she was so kindly. It was all very short but worth every second. I canÂ’t wait to see the pic and also the German fans are looking forward to see the book in her hands  Mariah loved getting the Fanbook (What itÂ’s like – Germany) I have the feeling and I hope she really enjoys it, we had a lot of stuff in it, over 40 sheets I think. The effort the lambs put in it was amazing, I was so happy people loved this idea. The cover was designed by a very talented German lamb. More infos and pics for the project in my website here the next days:
Also I was able to meet two special UK lambs in Karlsruhe who came to Germany just for the concert! Terry and Marc (Tel69 and BobbyWomack on the board), it was great!

To the concert: It was stunning, amazing, brilliantÂ…Mariah at her best in my eyes, I am sooo thankful I could attend such a special concert, with all the surprises. We had no clue which songs she would sing, “Close My Eyes was a special surprise, she kindly dedicated this song to her German special fan called “AnneÂÂ…it was soo great. Also the whole setlist was awesome, Mariahs mood, her humor and her spirit were overwhelming. This was a great present and I am thankful to love in a country Mariah often comes to for promotional stuff!!!
Thank you all!
Many lovely greetings from Germany,
Helen G.

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