Mar 10 2005

Jasmine's Juice

Most exciting was editing Mariah CareyÂ’s performance set as I was really mixing business with pleasure and was proud of her. Before she went on stage she confided to me, “they love calling me a diva in your country so IÂ’m going to be just that.Â

She then she asked for her water person onstage and demanded a mic stand at the last minute – oh how we sniggered when the press responded as they always do. Pulll-eezzz!

Get a life peeps, at least she turned up in her free time and actually sang-in tune for yÂ’all unlike Madonna who admittedly worked the crowd; but when she attempted those long high melodic notes I saw animals across the globe collapsing in shock.

What you didnÂ’t see was the time and love-Mariah gave the 50 kids in the African choir backstage whose parents have all passed away from AIDS-related illnesses.

Snoop was hype and really was the only act to have the 200,000 strong crowd jumping and partying. (Everyone was bitchin’ ‘bout Paris Hilton who wouldn’t let fans take a pic with her – daft girl!­) After the show we all had a private screening at MC’s penthouse suite at the Sanderson Hotel before collapsing exhausted at 6am.

The next day we both had call times at 8am for full days of press. During the afternoon I walked both Mariah (and her ultra opulent manager the infamous Benny Medina) across to Mr Jerks shop in Wardour St only for him to be shut! Our craving for West Indian food was rescued by my mate Ian Burrell who runs Cottons restaurant in Camden and couriered us over a carload of food so we were stuffed with plantain and jerk chicken for the next week! Thanks Ian – you swung it on home for our hungry bellies – you gangsta and we luv ya!

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