Mar 17 2005

Brazilian Fans Promote Mariah!

Most recently there was a Lambs meeting in São Paulo on July 9th
Before that one we had a We Belong Together Party in São Paulo on July 2nd: that was the second party we organized with "Disco Fever" and it was meant to celebrate the #1 hit "We Belong Together". I mean, seriously...we just HAD TO do something to celebrate one more #1 :D. There were performances by fans and in the end we gave away t-shirts saying "I love Mariah. Disco Fever." The only bad thing is that I didn't have more stuff for Disco Fever to give away so we helped out with the costings for the t-shirts and everything. But we were able to give away some free tickets on the site, as usual ;)

TEOM Promo Party at Bubu Lounge in São Paulo on June 11th: this one wasn't organized by us, we just helped with the promotion but we heard it was an awesome party :)

TEOM Promo Party at Disco Fever in São Paulo on June 4th: this was the first party we organized along with Disco Fever. It was the first promo party in São Paulo and needless to say the lambs totally loved it and started asking for more and more parties. The DJ played MC from midnight until 3:30 AM non stop, then he started playing some other music as well and then MC again. Because this party was such a big hit, we made the deal with Disco Fever to have it done monthly ;)

TEOM Promo Party at Hard Rock Cafe on May 21st, in Rio de Janeiro: the marketing manager of Hard Rock Cafe contacted us asking for help with the promotion on the party and ideas. We were able to give away tickets for the party and TEOM albums were given away during the night. "It's Like That" and "Heartbreaker" were played and at 4:30 AM the DJ started playing lots of songs from TEOM for us, it was sooooooo much fun! An area of the club/bar/restaurant was reserved for Mariah fans only (we were identified with a bracelet)

TEOM Promo Party at Pampa on May 19th, in Rio de Janeiro: that one was organized by us with the manager of this club in Rio. We were there all night with staff credential, talking to the fans, handing out postcards (the ones you gave me, thanks) and letting people know about the album (mostly non fans were there). We also brought videos to be played on the screen and Mariah was played A LOT during the night and we made sure lots of songs from the new album were played such as It's Like That, Say Something, Shake it Off, To The Floor and Get Your Number.

TEOM Promo Party at BITCH on May 7th in Rio de Janeiro: that was THE ultimate promo party. Over 10 thousand people showed up. The party was held at a thematic park and the rollescoaster was on all night (of course we had to go on that one singing Fantasy, ha ha ha). They showed M's videos on the main screen and had posters and banners around the park and they played some of her older remixes on the "flashback" tent. It's Like That and some others were played on the main ground. BITCH is a traditional gay rave party so it went into the morning with the lambs "making the most of life". A LOT of non-gay people go to this party as well because it's just such a great and famous big event. It was totally a lot of fun! -

Recap and photos provided by Tahi

LINK: Brazilian Fans Promote Mariah!
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