Apr 01 2005


Fred Bronson of Billboard writes: It turns out that We Belong Together isn't just a "comeback" for Mariah Carey, it's the second longest-running No. 1 of her career on the Billboard Hot 100. The title is runner-up only to One Sweet Day, the single she recorded with Boyz II Men that set a rock-era record by remaining in pole position for 16 weeks.

Hitting the nine-week mark, We Belong Together surpasses the eight-week reigns of Dreamlover in 1993 and Fantasy in 1995. Thanks to "Together," Carey has now accumulated 70 weeks at No. 1, the second-highest total in the rock era.

Once comfortably ahead, Elvis Presley's total of 79 weeks seems vulnerable to a challenge from Carey next time she earns a No. 1 hit.

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