Apr 03 2005

Where Fans Meet Other Fans! Review of June 9th Argentina Gathering

RPG/RPN organisation, Tomas Balmaceda and Jonas and it took placed on a Pub that they had rented specially for the event. It was all set up with Mariah Stuff like Posters ( Rainbow, Glitter , etc ) and the main course of the night was the projection of the Glitter movie, because it was not realased in Argentina and I guess they are not planning to do it !!!!!!. It was a really nice and emotional evening !!! Apart from the movie, which was amazing, we also watched a lot of Mariah Videos ( don´t stop, never too far, the roof, always be my baby remix, etc ) and Mariah Live performances ( hero/ Never too far, Luther and Mariah, Patti labelle and Mariah ) and also some LIVE oldies like Can´t let go, Emotions, Vanishing, Vision Of Love, and stuff like that. They also put all the material they had obtained from international trades so it was really like, BEING IN HEAVEN, because some of us had never seen lots of her live perfonmances so it was a really big chance to catch up with it !!!!

You know, buenos aires is a place where Mariah is not quite PROMOTED, and although she came in 1999 due to the promotion of Rainbow, the media never gave her the place she deserves it , but there are certain people that never forget about her and her talent, which is unique !!!!! Besides, it was a really nice chance to meet other Mariah Fans that feels the same like us about her, so It was incredible !!!! A friend and I are part of a Us Gospel quartet here in Argentina and we are so crazy about mariah that we are planning to make some vocal arrangements to include stuff like ANYTIME YOU NEED A FRIEND OR VANISHING to our repertoire.

Source: Juan Pablo

Meet fans where you live!

There is kind of a project going on amongst Mariah fans right now and it is to arrange meetings with other fans. Here are some that are planned:

June 22nd in Lisbon, Portugal (contact moonsun_1@hotmail.com)

June 22nd in Paris, France (contact: contact@mariahfanclub.com)

July 13th in Berlin, Germany (contact: honey_kate@gmx.net)

July 20th in London, UK (contact: mintu_uk2002@yahoo.co.uk)

July 20th in Brazil (contact: tahiana_leal@yahoo.com.br)

July 20th in Sydney, Australia (contact: webmaster@mariahdownunder.com)

July 20th or 21st in South Korea (contact: chacha100@hanmail.net)

July 20th in Budapest, Hungary (contact: zkunsagi@yahoo.com)

Brussels, Belgium, sometimes in July (contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com)

Israel, no time set yet. (contact: liron@mariah.net.au)

LINK: Where Fans Meet Other Fans!
Review of June 9th Argentina Gathering

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