Apr 06 2005

Mariah is recording her album in Capri right now.

The piazza in Capri was full of flowers and messages of affection when Mariah Carey made her entrance. Landed Sunday in Naples with a private jet, the singer went directly to the island to record her latest album. Ferried on a super luxurious 30 metre yacht and protected from the inseparable bodyguard, Mariah is now residing in one of the most high and inaccessible spots in Capri, with a splendid 360 degree view of the gulf.

Waiting for her at the Neapolitan airport was Carlo Quinto Talamona, owner of Capri Studios. The star is expected to stay for a month recording her first album for the Universal Music Group, which recently secured the diva's voice with a contract.

After leaving from the Margellina wharf onboard the Matuska, a 30 metre super-luxurious yacht, Mariah arrived at the Caprese port of Marina Grande. Her inseparable bodyguard Michael and Carlo Quinto Talamona escorted her to the piazza where she was greeted by a group who call themselves "The Caprese Friends Of Mariah".

Waiting for her as well was Francolino, owner of the diva's favourite restaurant, Villa Verde. Waiting as well were the maitre of the establishment, and Antonello of Foto Flash, the only photographer who can make Mariah pose.

After the usual goodbyes, the group went to one of the most beautiful spots on the island, Monte Tuoro where the Capri Studios are."

(Source: MariahBuzz)

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