Apr 23 2005

Jasmine's Juice

Jasmine Dotiwala of The Voice writes:

I have sea legs. Yep. How? IÂ’ve just spent a week on Mariah CareyÂ’s 200-foot long yacht (with helipad) in the ocean off the coasts of Capri and Sardinia. You may already know about this trip as last Sunday a tabloid newspaper showed a lovely pic of MC in her pink bikini and sarong as I, like any nice friend, was holding a towel for her as she got onto the boat out of the ocean. I was captioned as "an employee". Hee hee! Hilariously theyÂ’ll never show a pic of MC handing me my towel. ThatÂ’s the British press for ya! Anyway hereÂ’s the real deallyÂ…

With military precision I jumped into my bikini and reported for daily tanning duty – but under MC’s strict instructions, used factor 60 on my skin to stop it ever getting leathery. MC also braided my hair, gave me water aerobics classes and a manicure lesson (she did 500 hours of beauty school once upon a time, you know!) Not sure if I've mentioned it before but MC doubles up as my beautician for all beauty advice and spurs my confidence in the ocean, ’cos before I hung out with her I would never take off my life vest in the choppy seas. The most fantastic thing about MC’s boat, apart from the fact that it towered over the other boats, was it had a huge bubbling hot tub on the top deck filled with rose petals that we sat in every night watching shooting stars from, and get this… the boat's crew ran around all night refilling it with limited edition Evian water! Think that’s funny? MC had her pole dance instructor teach us moves which got our neighbouring boats really excited. And I watched as MC’s acupuncturist got excited as needles of scary looking proportions were poked into her daily – but it obviously works ’cos this insomniac was sleeping!

Our nightly hot tub parties were so loud the neighbouring boats threatened to call the marine police on us if we didn't turn down Tupac's Greatest Hits CD! Speaking of po po get this... myself and MCÂ’s friend Tracy Cloherty (vice president of New York radio station HOT 97) were arrested one afternoon as we raced around on the jet skis.

Apparently, as we needed a jet ski licence, the po-po chased us around the island – we never saw them behind us – and when we finally did they made us flip our jet-ski upside down in the ocean. After we got up on it again they “accompanied us back to our boat where they scared us by confiscating our passports for an hour. It was cops 'n' robbers but on jet skis with bikinis!

Around the way I spotted Liz Hurley and her boyfriend Arun Nayer shopping, Denzel Washington invited us to his boat, as did a million other rich folk (like a Saudi prince) but we were having so much fun relaxing having BBQs on our boat, watching The Wiz and Meet The Parents on our in-boat cinema that we only accepted one invite on the spur of the moment.

We were invited onto the hugest boat ever which turned out to be owned by one of the partners of Topshop and other billion-dollar businesses. The big thing was that he offered to close down Topshop for us anytime we like so we can have a private shop! So it was a week of pleasure and pleasure for this west London chick. I feel like the luckiest girl alive! I'm in New York writing this to you as I flew straight here for a Destiny’s Child moment which I’ll tell y'all about next week. In the meantime I’m getting strange looks from people as – after a week on water – I’m swaying about as I walk, even when I’m sitting! MC – you didn’t mention this bit! Folkz think I’m drunk!

And I guess I am – on the joy of life!

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