Apr 25 2005

Submission Info for Mimi World Fan Book

Steve is doing the cover art and Lora is organizing the Entries and doing some of the inside artwork.

Please mail entries by Oct 1,2005 to :

MIMI World Fan Book Project
P.O. Box 10501
Daytona Beach, FL 32120-0501

Entries can be no more than 2 pages (artwork on one side only) Nothing bigger than 8-1/2 x 11 will be accepted. Please don't send anything with a bulky feel to it, otherwise it will not fit into the book. You may send anything you want, a letter thanking Mariah for such wonderful music,pictures,your own artwork, anything you want as long as it's celebrating TEOM and it falls in line with the above guidelines.

You may also incorporate a Postcard from either city, state or country where you live into your entry, if you would like, to give the book a "Worldly Feel", this is up to you. Another option: If you would like to create artwork on a page representing your city, state or country you may do that also. (This extra page would include the 2 page limit!) This artwork would introduce the Lamb's entries that happen to live in that area. The book would be organized by Region/Country/state/city. Any country that lacks a page, Lora will be happy to make artwork for that country. If you would like to do an artwork page representing your city, etc. let Lora know, email her at HappinessinFl@Aol.com Lora is also doing a World Map that will show where every Lamb lives that contributed to the project. When you are sending in your entries,please include the city,state and country where you live.

Deadline: You must get your entries mailed in by Oct 1,2005

LINK: Submission Info for Mimi World Fan Book
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