Apr 30 2005

Mariah, Killers Anointed Eric Roberts As Unexpected VMA's King

If you know that face but can't quite place the name, the blue-eyed, weather-worn actor on your TV screen would like to remind you that he was navigating the treacherous waters of Hollywood before you were born. Ask your parents, and they'll tell you that Eric Roberts has been called a lot of things in his 50 years: rugged leading man, Oscar-nominated thespian, straight-to-video C-lister, brother of Hollywood's most famous woman, father of two rising stars. Now he's reinvented himself once again with another title: King of the Video Music Awards.

"So I go up this winding staircase in this trailer, and I get up there and I see her on the bed having her feet rubbed," Roberts recently remembered of his first meeting with Mariah Carey. "And she motions for me to come on over, and I walk down the length of this trailer, which is basically — the upstairs is all bedroom. I walk down the length of her bedroom; she pats the bed. I sit down, and she sends her little foot masseuse away, and we talked about the video. And she says how she saw me in the Killers video. She was very complimentary. For anybody unhappily married, it would have been a fantasy come true."

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