May 02 2005

Mimi In Battle For #1 Next Week

Hits Daily Double writes:

With no six-figure bow in the picture, the fight for next weekÂ’s #1 will likely pit two extremely familiar names: Island/IDJ diva Mariah Carey, whose comeback album The Education of Mimi is one of the yearÂ’s handful of bona fide bright spots, and CapitolÂ’s Now 19, which conveniently packages the biggest hits from recent months.

Carey has consistently run up weekly totals north of 100k (she did 109k this week, good for #3), and Now (which landed in the #4 spot on 107k) still has some life left in it. So those two will likely best this weekÂ’s #1, HollywoodÂ’s Hilary Duff (200k this week), and #2, Arista NashvilleÂ’s Brad Paisley (197k), assuming the typical 50%-60% decline from week one to week two. Then again, what the hell do we know?

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