May 21 2005

Thank you Note!

Myself along with 13 of my closest Chicago Lambs, all had the great fortune of being able to attend this once in a life time event. We all arrived to the event together in style, in a supper-stretch limo(listening to MC’s music all the way there), all the girls looked amazing in their Red, White, & Blue dresses, as did the gentlemen with their tuxedos, finished off with white masks, reminiscent of those from the “It’s Like That video.

The evening at the Mansion started off, as we all enjoyed each others company, listening to music, dancing, drinking, eating, and meeting new Lambs. MC's bodyguards brought her down to her VIP section where she stayed for the of the evening.
Fortunately, I was resourceful enough to find my way down there, were I was greeted with a Kiss, Kiss by none other than MC, herself. While down there, along with fellow Lamb Alex, we hung with her for the rest of the night, I delivered to her a fan book, that, my group put together for her, & she was very great-full for it. She was very warm & fun-loving; she made me feel that she was happy I was there. Some great pictures were taken that night, with my fellow lambs, and with MC.

Then around 12:45 a.m. myself along with Alex, Erik Bradley, Michael, and Daryl all walked Mariah to her limo, and then we got in ours, for a long ride home and back to reality. It truly was something I only dreamed of, and out of all the times that I have seen Mariah, this was ultimately one of the best so far. With much Love & respect always,
Frank P.

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