May 24 2005

Happy Birthday / Anniversary Mariah 2006 Fan Book

"Happy Birthday/Anniversary Mariah 2006" I was given the OK to do another book for Mariah's birthday! I will be accepting letters, greetings, cards, photos, poetry? Anything festive you can come up!
All pages must be 8 x 11 unless otherwise specified, for instance if you create something that does not fit into the book? It will be placed along with the book. A note will be sent along!
Page Numbers:
There is no limit on pages! Be creative and have fun!
Where to send greetings:
If you are sending via email, please send to and please place in subject line: "Happy B-Day MC 06"
Via Mail:
"Happy B-Day MC 06"
c/o Janel Spiegel
1625 Perkiomen Avenue
Reading, Pa 19602
Random: Please note that all entries via mail and email will be accepted until March 19, 2006. We will wait for late entries up until March 23, 2006. No later please. The book will be mailed and given to Mariah! If you have questions? Please feel free to email me at
Thank you and take care always.
Peace, Janel Spiegel

LINK: Happy Birthday / Anniversary Mariah 2006 Fan Book
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