May 29 2005

Jasmine's Juice!

While I was in the studio with MC I saw Hovi Baby (or president Shawn Carter, as he likes to be known now) get on the Shake it off remix with Young Jeezy – who was getting enough afflatus from his mentor Jigga. It’s stone “hood-osity !!!!!!!!!!!!! Caliente! It was so exciting watching them all lay vocals down. Wow. That’s all I can say.

Another wow moment was when Jacko called MC to ask her to join him on his Hurricane Katrina single. Listening to the ‘oh so casual’ convo between superstars is Heat magazine in motion!

Speaking of which, the hip-hop community has really stepped up to the plate with all the big names – including Mariah – donating a lot of big cheques to help (MC didn't want me to mention that bit but I feel strongly that you should know that the stars do a lot of charity stuff).
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