May 31 2005

What Once "Glittered" is Now Gold!

  They called it “the return of the voice. And we can’t even call her return a comeback because she’s been here for years. And the truth is, even with all the sparkling talent emerging every day, no one poses a threat to come anywhere close to the glass-shattering soprano we now know as Mimi.  There are certain things that make R&B albums hits. Among the many things included in the equation for success is the standout track that demonstrates the artist’s vocal capabilities. Next, an artist must synergistically maintain both the rhythm and blues aspects of her album. 
Additionally, upbeat tracks on the album have the potential to make audiences break a sweat on the dance floor, and must be delivered convincingly. More emotive songs should bring people close to tears with that same intensity. Finally, if an artist has the backing of industry greats, their contributions must complement the project while still allowing for the artist to maintain her identity. 
Keeping all of this in mind, Mariah’s vocals on Emancipation of Mimi stand out on each love ballad, hip-hop adaptation — and even on her gospel song. Her album takes listeners through an elegant evening, an electric club, long nights remembering a lost lover and a full circle of emotions, as she masterfully incorporates each sub-genre of hip-hop and R&B. Guest appearances by half-man-half-amazing Kanye West, the beat master Pharell, chart-topper Nelly and other phenomenal names puts this project is in a league of its own. 
No fillers are to be heard on this album: It’s a bona fide play-through from beginning to end. With brutally honest lyrics written by Mariah, “Shake it Off will have you ready to break up with a no-good boyfriend, and “Circles will have you replaying your current situation in your head until it makes sense. “Fly Like A Bird will take your soul and your entire being to the next level. This album evokes something so strong and indescribable, it’s something you have to hear for yourself to believe it’s true.  Praise for Mimi. As much as she needed to emerge from the darkness with this masterpiece, we needed to hear it. Bigger and brighter than ever is Mariah Carey on an album that gives us full view of her showing all struggling vocalists how to recover from career setbacks. 
In the words of Beyonce Knowles, “All I can say is yes! because Mariah Carey’s Emancipation of Mimi will have anyone with the slightest palpitation in his chest feeling emotions.
4 1/2 out of 5 stars
By Rose Afriyie
Source: The Pitt News (All rights reserved)

LINK: What Once "Glittered" is Now Gold!
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