Jun 05 2005

Mariah Receives KORA Music Award Nomination

2005 KORA Music Awards nominees have been announced and Mariah is up for a KORA in the following category:

Best Diaspora Afro-American

The KORA all-Africa Music Awards is an annual music ceremony created by Ernest Coovi Adjovi in 1994. The objective of the Awards is to celebrate the best of African music, and to promote African culture by awarding a select number of artists whoÂ’ve distinguished themselves by producing an album of exceptional musical quality.

The Kora All-Africa Music Awards will take place in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal on December 4 and broadcast in South Africa on SABC1, and on WHUT (Howard University TV) PBS (Public Broadcast Service) in the U.S.

LINK: Mariah Receives KORA Music Award Nomination
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