Jul 27 2005

A few more comments about the new deal.

<"I"m feeling great, honestly" Carey told NEWSWEEK. "The experience [of becoming worked out] just taught me to pace myself because nobody can go at that frenzied a pace, it doesn"t work." Carey is working on a new record that"s slated to drop early next year. "It"s my most personal album since "Butterfly," which was also an intense turning point in my life" she says. >

Def Jam spokesman Peter LoFrumento says:
"This is a major comeback for Mariah and its probably going to be the music comeback story of the entire year. What Mariah has done is she has gone from being where she was last year to being at the top of her game again and we are all very excited about it," LoFrumento said.

"There is a risk attached to everything you do in this business but the fact is that an artist of her calibre, a gifted vocalist and an incredibly talented songwriter, is what you want when you sign an artist. You have all those things in Mariah Carey and everyone is really looking forward to getting into the studio, rolling up their sleeves and getting down to making a great record." LoFrumento said.

LINK: A few more comments about the new deal.

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