Jul 30 2005

Various Comments from Mariah about her new deal!

<"I"m incredibly happy". "It"s a tremendous and unprecedented opportunity to be working in tandem with [Universal Music Group Chairman/CEO] Doug [Morris], [Island/Def Jam President/CEO] Lyor [Cohen] and [Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman] Jimmy [Iovine], and to have the benefit of their powerful international forces led by [Universal Music International Chairman] Jorgen Larsen. They have collectively helped redefine pop music, and I am excited to be part of their family." >

"One blip of a soundtrack does not ruin a life," Ms. Carey said in a telephone interview from a hotel in New York City. "From day No. 1, Doug and Lyor were there at my apartment," she added, referring to Doug Morris, chairman of the Universal Music Group, a division of Vivendi Universal, and Lyor Cohen, president of the Island Def Jam label for Universal.

"Lyor is an incredible executive, and what he's doing is pretty unprecedented right now," Carey told Daily Variety. "The way we've set this up, it's like it was a whole new approach to the business."

"I believe everything happens for a reason," Carey said in a phone interview from her New York home. "This year was a great learning experience for me. A lot of bizarre things happened. But I feel like I'm in good hands now. The guys who run Universal paid no attention to all that drama. They were so practical and understanding. And now, after it all, for me to have the biggest, strongest music company in the world in my corner, I feel so fortunate."

Some observers have argued that Mariahs success at Columbia wouldn't have happened without the creative and business guidance of Tommy Mottola, When Carey was given free rein at Virgin, the argument goes, things went awry. For her part, Carey counters that she's always had a measure of creative control in her music -- a right she negotiated even into her initial deal with Sony. But that doesn't mean she turns a deaf ear to outside input.

"I think that during this whole media blitz, that issue got kind of blown out of proportion," she said. "I'm an open-minded person -- if somebody wants me to do a duet, or even record a particular song, I'm open to that. It's not about having absolute control, it's about the creative process."

After Glitter, Carey and EMI's Virgin Records severed ties. She says cash was not a priority in recent negotiations. "I made a deal based on money, which was the worse thing I could have done," she says, referring to the Virgin pact. '' I learned you have to go with the best and most experienced people. I'm not saying money wasn't a factor, but in terms of how great this company is doing and how far it's come, this is the right place.''

Declining to specify the contract's dollar value, Carey says, ''It's a fair deal that everyone's happy with.''

Fed up with business matters, Carey entered the studio after her Super Bowl performance with material penned since Glitter. She is collaborating with several producers on songs she describes as ''personal'' and ''fun and celebratory.''

Glitter's disappointing sales and media reports of her ''meltdown'' did not crush her spirit. ''It's been such a drama, but so blown out of proportion,'' she says. ''I'm a very positive person, and I'm very fortunate. I don't feel sorry for myself. This was an intense, tough situation that would make anyone overly stressed. Delving into the creative process has been my saving grace.''

The new album ''is pretty far along,'' but Carey isn't imposing a deadline. ''I was overworked to the point of exhaustion,'' she says of her pre-Glitter pace. ''I had never ever taken a break. This record will come out when it's done and it's right. I would like to be kinder to myself.''

"The main thing here is just having this opportunity to have my own company and have it within this company," Carey told The New York Post. "They have their own labels and have this massive success. It's been a great place for entrepreneurs."

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