Jul 31 2005

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First name: Tahiana

Last initial: D.

Message Board Screen Name: Tahiana

City you live in: Rio de Janeiro

Age: 17 (well...almost 18. lol)

Sex: Female

Your hobby's:
Collecting Mariah stuff (from singles to magazine articles),
Working on my Mariah fan site
Going to the beach.

Favorite songs:
"Close My Eyes"
"You Got Me"

Favorite videos:
Bringin´ on the Heartbreak
I Still Believe Damizza Remix

Favorite appearances:
Wise Girls movie
1998 Howard Stern Show interview
2003 Today Show NY Appearence

Favorite Collaborations:
"I´ll Be There" feat. Big Nasty (a.k.a Trey Lorenz)
"Thank God I Found You Make it Last Remix" feat. Joe and Nas
"One Sweet Day" with Boyz II Men

Why am I a huge Mariah Fan?
I feel Mariah is on my side on every moment of my life through her music and I admire her not just for her amazing music talent but specially for the human being she is. Sometimes, when I am sad, all I have to do is watch one of her interviews or listen to one of the voice messages she leaves for her lambs and that makes my day much better because she´s so much fun! When I am going through a tough and painful time, her amazingly inspirational lyrics bring me hope and strength to keep on fighting and to keep on believing things can get better if I give my best to make them change. Besides all that, I can feel how much she loves her lambs (there´s truth in her eyes) and that´s SO REALLY IMPORTANT to me because as she says "It´s all about spreading the love".

Being a huge Mariah fan is my way of saying "thank you", my way of giving her something back after all she does for me.

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