Aug 04 2005

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First name: MARK

Last initial: T.

Message Board Screen Name: firebreath

City you live in: spring hill,fla.

Age: 48


Your hobbies: sciences,boats,auto fix ups,bikes,remodeling my home,women chasing-trying for a catch(s).

3 Favorite Mariah videos: none favorite,all reasonably good.

3 Favorite Mariah appearances: tampa,fla. 2003 tour

3 Favorite Mariah collaborations: can't answer this question easy! To Many

3 Favorite Mariah songs: can't answer this question easy ! Too Many

Why am I a huge Mariah Carey Fan?
I started out as a female observation hobby,gossip,as a fun thing to do. because of my own background,observed & listened as she came on to the scenes in music & videos, I got fasinated at times with her career,intellect,skills and her independent thinking. through out the years, she still facinates myself and she's single ! TOO ! SHE'S quite a flirt !!!

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