Aug 09 2005

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First name: Jessica

Last initial: B

Message Board Screen Name: JBennett

City you live in: Philadelphia

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Your hobbies: Singing and Dancing and anything Mariah

3 Favorite Mariah videos: Honey, Always be my Baby, Heartbreaker remix

3 Favorite Mariah appearances: Billboard Music award, TRL, Ally McBeal

3 Favorite Mariah collaborations: One sweet day with my hometown boys- Boys to Men, Heartbreaker with Jay-Z, Sweetheart with JD

3 Favorite Mariah songs: When I Saw You, Outside, Looking In

Why am I a huge Mariah Carey Fan?
I've been singing since I was five. Since then music has been my greatest escape. Mariah's music moves me in a way that no other artist has ever been able to do. I don't know why but that's how it's always been. She has an amazing voice and an incredible ability to write songs that have true meaning. She's a wonderful inspiration and a great role model. She's simply the best!!

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