Aug 14 2005

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First name:Lyn

Last initial: G.

Message Board Screen Name: MCFanLyn

City you live in: Orlando, Florida

Age: 33

Sex: Female

Your hobby's: Traveling, SCUBA diving, reading, music, Mariah, spending time with my husband and of course, hanging out on the HBF boards!

3 Favorite Mariah videos: "Fantasy", "Honey" and "Heartbreaker"

3 Favorite Mariah appearances: 1998: VH1 Divas Live, 1999: Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special and most definitely August 30, 2003 at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center here in Orlando!!

3 Favorite Mariah Collaborations: "Fantasy" w/ODB, "One Sweet Day" w/Boys II Men and "Whenever You Call" w/Brian McKnight

3 Favorite Mariah songs: "Fantasy", "Butterfly" and "Through the Rain"

Why am I a huge Mariah Fan? It's hard to put into words why I've been a fan all these years. I remember hearing "Vision of Love" back in 1990 and thinking to myself "whoever this is, she's going to be a superstar." From that point on, I followed Mariah's career. Even after all the success she has achieved, she's stayed so grounded, so down to Earth and has given so much back to her community and her fans. Mariahs' music has helped me get through many difficult times, she's inspired me, motivated me and proved to me that with hard work, you can achieve anything. Thanks to her, I've met some of my very closest and best to me, that proves that Mariah's "music" is far more than just has the ability to bring people together, to help them through bad times and celebrate during good times. Simply put, Mariah is just an amazing individual and I love her for that!

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