Aug 20 2005

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First name: Antonio

Last initial: V.

Message Board Screen Name: Untitledrican3

City you live in: Weehawken, New Jersey

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Your hobby's: Surf The Internet for MC Info, Going Out and Reading.

3 Favorite Mariah videos: Butterfly, Bringin on The Heartbreak and Honey Remix

3 Favorite Mariah appearances: Orlando Disney World, Promo Appearance for Charmbracelet in New York and Farewell Celebration for Michael Jordan

3 Favorite Mariah Collaborations: Brian McKnight, Jermaine Dupri and Missy Elliott

3 Favorite Mariah songs: Bringin On The Heartbreak, It's Like That and Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)

Why am I a huge Mariah Fan? I'm a huge mariah fan because she is one of the most important role models in my life. She makes me feel great about my self. By singer her songs makes me feel she right there on my side helping me out, making it through life. She also care for us and truly spends time to make us happy and that why i love her so much. I love how she opens our eyes for the future, how she shows us that nothing in life we can't do, By her sharing her past with us. ThatÂ’ss why I thank god for truly blessing us for putting her in the music industry.

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