Aug 30 2005

Cedric Uses His Hosting Job To Get Closer To Mariah

St. Louis writes:

Hosting the 33rd Annual American Music Awards Tuesday night certainly comes with its share of perks, and host Cedric the Entertainer is sure to exploit a few.

Don't be surprised if the comedian uses the awards to:

-- Use it to get closer to Mariah Carey.

In an interview last week, the Berkeley native, recently honored by the St. Louis Film Festival for career achievement, talked about his infatuation with Carey, what's really going on in R. Kelly's closet, those "lady lumps" and more.

Q. The "American Music Awards" promos are touting a duel between Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson. Who wins that one in your opinion?

A. I saw this new video with Mariah. I like that she can sing, but with this new video she was really looking good. Then I would go with Gwen, then Kelly. Gwen will battle Mariah. They'll go neck and neck. It'll really depend on what outfit Mariah shows up in.

Q. Who are you looking forward to meeting for the first time?

A. I've had great opportunities to meet some of these people before and hang out with them. But Mariah would be nice. I'd have to tell her how I feel about the video and see if she feels me on any level. I met her briefly at an awards show before, but this time I'll go ahead and put it on her. I'll have all my own DVDs with me, plus "Madagascar" and "The Honeymooners," two handfuls.

Q. What was your favorite album and song of 2005?

A. This will probably never get nominated, but Damien Marley. I've been digging that. I like the Black Eyed Peas stuff, and Mariah Carey is always worthy. You gotta give her some love. She came back. I listened to a lot of hip-hop, which doesn't always get that kind of love. I don't think you'll be hearing (D4L's) "Laffy Taffy."

Watch Mariah's performance on the American Music Awards TONIGHT at 8:00PM on ABC

LINK: Cedric Uses His Hosting Job To Get Closer To Mariah
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