Nov 12 2005

Thank You Note from a member

As soon as i got to the London Studio's i saw the audience queuing outside, i just walked in and mentioned i was on the Honey B Fly list. They took me and my guest up to the canteen where the studio staff were and i recognised Mariah's drivers from the day before at the HMV signing. I realised after that none of the audience had the privelegde of wating up in the cafeteria. Then Mariah just casually walks in!! I couldn't believe my eyes! Before i even got inside the studio i saw Mariah and said hi from where i was. She waved back and said hi. That made my year! Thank you so much once again. I've told my family and friends THAT was my birthday present and nothing anyone buys me now could top that!!! I couldn't ask for anything now. I'm a very lucky person.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
Farrah E .

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