Dec 06 2005

Mariah's Ten Dollar Bill

Money magazine wasn't that impressed so they asked some of the world's most creative people if they could do better and if interior designer to the stars, Mario Buatta had his way we would all be working around with Mimi in our pockets...

Who is the "10" of today? Mariah Carey! Her voice, her talent, her beauty...WOWEEE!!! Theory: I always thought money should be launderable (not "laundered"). I can still hear my mother saying, "wash your hands after you touch money". I put my allowance in the washing machine and low and behold it was gone down the drain. So: SAVE THE TREES and print it on cotton or silk that can be dry-cleaned-longer-lasting (not in my pocket!) and free from germs. -Mario Buatta

LINK: Mariah's Ten Dollar Bill
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