Dec 08 2005

Jasmine's Juice

I'll tell you more about that next week, but first, listen to my Christmas shenanigans!

More jollification than ever occurred this Xmas in Aspen with the Carey family. By now you all know that Mariah and I are voluptuaries – life can never be glamorous or fabulous enough!

MC, a few of her family, a couple of friends, Jack the Wonderdog and myself spent a snowy festive week in the mountains where we had our usual fun with horse-sleigh rides in the moonlight, drinking hot cocoa or champagne (depending on age), skiing, snow boarding, rolling in the snow in our bikinis, jumping into the hot tub, and generally just being thankful that we have blessed lives.

Other celebs I spotted in Aspen were Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones , J-Lo, Mischa Barton, and Kate Moss who was... umm... letÂ’s just say... was having a party among the head-to-toe fur-clad folks!

I would hit the local spa every morning with MC’s security guy Rob, who had me boxing and I had him doing yoga – funny! Each morning without fail, Will Smith would be there pumping weights or running on the treadmill. Yes, the gym is extra fun when you’ve got a great view!

One morning I tried a “hoopdance class but midway spotted Will and his son watching, highly amused, which was unnerving. I told MC’s brother about it at the end who informed me “that’s not Will’s son – that’s his wife ,Jada! Oops!

One afternoon, MC decided to visit a local childrenÂ’s charity to donate stuff to them and take them skating. Not being the best ice skater, I walked around the rink with Jack the Wonderdog instead.

The next night, Xmas eve, we went on our usual annual open horse sleigh ride – and with the deer galloping around us in the twinkling moonlight, it was truly magical.

The funniest thing was that although MC had nine huge cases full of clothes, coats, sexy ski suits, etc, someone had forgotten to pack her any socks, hats or gloves!

So she had plenty of diamonds but no warm necessities. So we had to lend superstar diva Mariah Carey a pair of our socks! What a life eh? Bikinis and crystal bottles are packed by the dozen, but no socks for the cold!

We had a slightly tense moment on Xmas day when the little person in the family asked how Santa had climbed down the chimney when the fireplace was burning all night? OhÂ… um.... yeah, we switched the subject up quick!

On Xmas morning, MC had placed personalised T-shirts on all our pillows with our own slogans to wear for the day. Mine was ‘Xmas diva’. You know something’s up when the world’s most renowned diva calls me one, right!

The extravagance in Aspen never fails to stun me. Free champers as you shop, heated pavements so the snow doesnÂ’t settle, 4WDs everywhere and this year, Santa Claus overwhelmed me with his gifts too.

I received (among other things) a Dior ring engraved with my nickname, matching sexy Dolce and Gabbana high mules and bag, real pearl jewellery, a cashmere sweater, gloves, hat and scarf, a leather passport holder, an iPod, a sheepskin hat, the usual lotions and potions, a very plush fake chinchilla jacket from Patrick Kevin (Mariah had a matching one which she loved), a gigantic goodie bag from Adidas which included lots of pink stuff that both MC and I rocked all over the slopes (and had all the posh rich Aspenites asking me about. ‘Cos on Wednesdays we only wear pink – you gotta watch Mean Girls to know!)

Then on December 28, we all flew back to MariahÂ’s home in New York on her jet and had a couple of festive days in NYC where we opened more gifts, read from the Bible, watched films in her private cinema and ate fresh popcorn from her popcorn machine.

One night I was lucky enough to accompany MC to the studio where she put down new vocals on a remix with Jadakiss and Styles P. Much fun was had ‘til 6am before MC had to get ready for her New Year’s Eve performance at midnight in Times Square.

Readers, I got to tell you, being onstage with MC while she stunned the world at midnight in her show-stopping outfit and princess gown was a moment in history! After her show, MC hosted her own party at Ciprianis where we hung with DJ Clue and others before ending the night at Bungalow 8 with a huge slice of New York pizza. What a way to bring in 2006! On New Year’s Day we flew to Anguilla – but that’s all for next week.

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