Dec 15 2005

MTV's "My Own" Mariah

Tune in to MTV's My Own on Wednesday, January 25 @ 6:00PM (EST) to catch one lucky fan find their very own Mariah.

With the help of two friends, one Mariah fan will have the opportunity to question, inspect and audition an assorted selection of wannabe pop-stars hand-picked by MTV. Our uber-fan will inspect the 6 pop star wannabes, searching for the one who looks, sounds, and acts most like their celebrity obsession.

After a series of challenges and eliminations, three finalist square off, performing one of the superstar's hit songs. In the end the wannabe that best embodies the look and feel of Mariah will be the one our super-fan calls MY OWN. . . .

LINK: MTV's "My Own" Mariah
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