Mar 29 2006

Jasmine's Juice

The Voice writes:

As you know, making a video for three A-list artists was never going to be simple. A couple of weeks ago I told you all about joining Mariah and Pharrell in Paris for the shoot for MC's next single Say Something. Well, this past week I returned from LA where we had to do all Snoop's parts with him. It was a blast!

MC's first shot of the day was in a bikini that only 24 hours earlier had been two Louis Vuitton scarves! Snoop and MC together are a blast! Can you imagine the jokes?! We were teaching Snoop all our phrases like “bleakosityÂ, “fabulosity", “moments", “opulence", and our very secret cocktail-toasting ritual.

The very first shot was well on its way when I heard all the security in their walkie-talkies getting over excited about the imminent arrival of a “Mr JonesÂ. I'm there thinking “who? Then, as quiet as lilÂ’ mice in walks... (are you ready for this readers?... I mean really ready?) In walks the legendary music impresario that is the great Quincy Jones with his sister!

Quincy sat and watched Mariah's takes and cheered and clapped to encourage her, and even told me that: “Mariah has a great body – and there's not one brick out of place! SAUCY DEVIL!

Quincy also explained to me that it was his birthday week - shared with his friend Michael Caine - and they've celebrated it together for years!

Quincy watched MC on set and hung with us in her dressing room all night where we all stole quick moments of delicious Chinese food and champagne in between filming - so if the footage on the Making of the Video is a lilÂ’ out of focus, I apologise. Hic! (Only kidding MTV bosses!)

To my delight, Quincy was so nice and seemingly unaffected by his own legendary status. He was really warm and friendly and asked me to keep saying lots of English words that he liked hearing in a British accent that amused him like “aluminum and “scheduleÂ.

Looking fit and glowing, MC did her thing all night till 8am and still looked fine. The camera crews were salivating as she worked her stuff in bikinis, dresses and more pip outfits that you can dream of! But afterwards Quincy kept calling her ‘Annie Rexia’ due to her ultra fit and slim new physique. He insisted she should eat some more food. Bravo Mr Jones! The press are constantly picking on her curves which, to most folks, is derogatory to a woman of colour who is born to be curvy. Also answer me this, why are Beyoncé's curves celebrated and Mariah's criticised?

When the shoot was over, Snoop, who looked fly in a blue denim trilby hat, gave it to MC and I persuaded her to wear it for one more take – she rocked it!

As we began to leave for breakfast at 8am and the Louis Vuitton store let MC choose gifts and we spent at least an hour deliberating exactly which pimp daddy patent shoes Snoop Dogg would like.

US Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley suggested red as we all reclined in horror trying to explain to him that Snoop and red is touch and go with the whole wrong gang colours issue - though I have seen him in a red fur before.

With the shoes chosen for both Pharrell and Snoop, Mariah and her team zoomed off to their private jet which, by this time, had been waiting four extra hours to take off. But they kindly sent me back to our hotel in style in a Rolls Royce Phantom which was so big it was nearly the size of my whole flat!

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