Aug 01 2006

Pepsi Smash reviews from HBF Members

< > On July 29 Mariah peformed at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. 50 lucky HBF members got to attend. Here is what some of them had to say:

HBF USERNAME: Aztlanstar
Thanks again for the great tickets to the Pepsi Smash show. Really loooved it.
The venue was a great place to hold it because it felt like an intimate setting and every seat had a good view of the stage.
The entire show was fantastic, all of the audience was into it for the WHOLE time on their feet.
Favorite performances for me were Fly like a bird, dont forget about us, Make it happen.
Liked the white jacket outfit she had, loved the glasses witht he first outfit, but the cape was iffy lol. The pink dress was adorable, fit her amazingly!
What else...oh! the video with the chicks talking smack and Mariah is just smiling the whole time was hilarious. loved it!
Oh I thought the mic with the bling all over was a lovely touch.
Mariah, you were incredible, you sounded amazing and looked stunning the whole time. Can't wait for you to come to Staples!
P.S. I wanted to see Jack!!!

HBF USERNAME: xxjuliaxx
During the show a couple of Spike Lee directed clips poking fun of all the crazy rumors, he said she said, statements about mariah were addressed. They were very funny- they were a good way to show that Mariah DOES know whats going on, she is human, and can even poke fun of herself (in front of the millions who will see the tour and this show this year).
My favorite songs during the show were when Mariah sang old hits like hero, ill be there, vision of love, and heartbreaker. It brought me back to those moments when I was a kid in front of the TV, watching Mariah perform during awards shows and hoping that one day I'd be watching her live-but this time- I WAS watching her live.
The show closed with a Butterfly reprise, Mariah waving goodbye, and pink and purple buttergly confetti being blasted throughout the audience. AS the butterflies flew throughout the audience and the show ended, I finally had a chance to take a breath and take it all in. Here I was voiceless thanks to singing along all night, cheering my lungs off, my legs a little sore fron standing during the whole set, and butterflies fluttering above. Every single moment was worth this moment- my horse voice would soon heal by the next day, after a nights sleep these legs would be ready to stand for plenty more hours for work the next day, and those butterflies landing on my shoulders would be shaken off-but what wouldn't ware off, or be replaced were the memories that this show has given me. Those butterflies were as symbolic as Mariah's songs like Butterfly and Hero- it may have taken me this long to finally see Mariah live but I allowed myself to dream, to keep hope alive, and there I was FINALLY seeing MARIAH! live!

First of all I would like to send a HUGE Thank You to who ever decided to put the fan club members in the Orchestra section. These were the best seats I've ever sat in at a concert. I was in the middle Orchestra 6th row!!! The show was awesome, glad that she did some old stuff along with the new. Everything was GREAT!! She looked and sounded hot! I always love hearing her hit those high notes, especially live, doesnt get any better than that. Didnt want the show to end. Finale was awesome, I kept some of the butterflies for my scrap book!! I even met Randy Jackson! Please send Mariah my Thanks and I am very grateful that I was able to attend such a great show, she never disappoints!

I really liked the changing up of the music...most notably "Dreamlover." It sounded great. As much as I love your songs, being such a huge fan I've heard some of the album versions literally thousands of times, and 25 times or more of live versions from TV appearances and concerts so it's nice to get a new take on them I love your sense of humor, so I liked the Spike Lee skits. I also liked the minimal outfit changes, kept the show at a good pace. Thanks again, can't wait to see you at the Staples Center!

HBF USERNAME: pbutterfly9797
The show was FANTASTIC!!! I loved the way Mariah came out in her very sexy onsombles...she looked excellent. Her body was slammin (good job Mariah! great toned body) I especially appreciated her old school music, "Vision of Love" has been one of my favorites. And of course, as always her duet with Trey Lorenz. She seems to do that at every concert, but that's my favorite part. I LOVE that song, brings back great memories. The purple and pink confetti butterflies were really cute, I loved it! What a GREAT ending... Can't wait for her concert in October, Looking forward to a great performance.

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