Aug 03 2006

Preview Sketches of MimiÂ’s Tour Wardrobe

< > MariahÂ’s tour stylist, J. Ambrose gives us a sneak peak at some sketches of what Mariah will be wearing when she hits the stage for her The Adventures of Mimi tour.

"The show starts off very 'Blade Runner,' with black-and-white, racy looks where [Mariah] looks like an R&B superhero," said Ambrose, who cites Gianni Versace and Roberto Cavalli as inspirations. "And then her lightness comes out and she is emancipated with bright colors, showing off her great goddess legs, ready to celebrate and party."

Carey will have nine outfit changes throughout the show but only brief interludes in which to morph into them. "My inspiration was creating an R&B hip-hop musical," Ambrose said. "The show is cabaret-like: fun, racy, sexy, but subtle. I designed the outfits [to look] theatrical. [The concert] starts out like a black-and-white affair, and then she strips away all the rumors and she's born again."

Ambrose said Carey will be wearing things you "wouldn't normally see her in," like a white men's blazer. "When would you ever see Mariah in a men's blazer?" she said. "This is to give her a James Bond look. It's very mod, very sleek."

Ms. Carey will shake off that blazer real fast for "Breakdown," at which point she'll reveal garters and a black off-the-shoulder leotard encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

Ambrose calls a similar outfit, which Carey will wear toward the end of the show, one of her favorites. "It's dyed perfectly to her skin, but it looks like she's naked," Ambrose said. "It looks like there are stones bouncing off her flesh. She looks like a million bucks." And let's not forget those blinding, one-of-a-kind legs. Don't worry, guys: There will still be lots of skin. "She does this really burlesque, fiery number that's very sexy," Ambrose said.

Other sultry costumes include a sky-blue, Halston-inspired goddess gown; a sunflower-colored chiffon floor-length stunner; and a wine-colored Diana Ross-style gown, worn with a million Harry Winston brooch. "Mariah's body is voluptuous," Ambrose said. "It's about her finding her sexuality and nothing else."

Also added to the mix are 7-inch stiletto high heels in black patent leather designed by Paris shoemaker Courtney Crawford. "They're super-high, super-sexy, but she can definitely jump around in them," Ambrose said.

We'll be seeing a little old-school Mariah when she transforms into a superhero-like costume that features a long silver cape with the word "Mimi" displayed on the back, blindfold and platform heels. She'll then take off the cape and reveal a pair of cute knickers (with butterflies on the back pockets, natch) and a crop top. "That's the round-the-way girl look," Ambrose said. "She's the most accessible in those looks."
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