Aug 10 2006

Front Row Ticket Winner Review - Miami

< > The concert was AMAZING!!!! I have to wait to get my photographs developed, but I will email them as soon as I can.

The entire Mariah concert experience was amazing! My best friend and I were literally 8 feet in front of Mariah. She talked to us twice about the sign we made, saying "You're our Number1Love, Sandy & Crystal." She also took the pink roses we brought for her, thanking us, telling the audience they matched her ensemble.

It's obvious Mariah has an amazing voice, but it's intensified and strengthened in person. She's definitely one of those performers who are better LIVE! Her wardrobe was gorgeous, accenting all her beautiful features. My favorite dress, by far, was the yellow dress, with the slit up the leg and yellow jeweled flower just above the slit. Her entire wardrobe was simply beautiful.

Mariah is so friendly. She interacts with the crowd in such a way that makes every person in the audience feel like she is connecting with them specifically.

Seeing Mariah in person made her real. Sounds silly, but she's always been this inspiring figure to me, since I bought Daydream on cassette in 2nd grade. Having her be RIGHT in front of me really set in that she's a strong, amazing person gone through so many trials and suffering. It shows me that I, too, can overcome if you keep perservering, regardless of who is against you. She's a real person like everyone one of us, but with an amazing talent and gift of touching people.

Thank you so many for the opportunity to see my favorite artist in the FRONT ROW! It was honestly one of the best days of my entire life, and I will remember it forever!! Thank you so much!!!

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