Aug 18 2006

Miami Fan Reviews

Author: Shantelle Mariah Carey has proven once again that she indeed is a FORCE to be reckoned with! She opened her tour in Miami, Fl with such power that Miami is being called Hurricane MIMI!!!!! This was my third time seeing her in concert and with every tour she always seems to amaze me! Every song was immaculate and she sang with such precision! My favorite song of all time is Always Be My Baby and when she sang the song, the hair on my arms stood. When she closed the concert, the sold out audience gave her a well-deserved standing ovation and fans and all who attended left the arena with chill bumps and tears in their eyes. Mariah was on fire!!!!!!

Author: Alex The Miami Show MIMI was so amazing and incredible. Me and my friends flew all the way from Minneapolis, MN just to see her at her first stop Miami. Her skin all tanned and her body all toned up she looked very very beautiful. She really took it to the next level with her vocals and proved she still has Diva Domination. The stage setting was very well put together and all the screens made the concert even more attracting. When she stepped up to the middle platform of the arena it really had the audience all excited to see her even closer. All her wardrobe was amazing, I really liked her silver sparkling dress. It got me by suprise when she sang "Make It Happen", I was like 'Oh my God' she is taking it back in the day. Overall the concert was the best concert I've been to in my whole entire life and I'm for sure looking forward to next time I will see her and that will be at Chicago September 11th.
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