Aug 18 2006

Tampa Fan Reviews

Author: Kiahhn' The Mariah Carey concert was freakin' awesome. The best concert I have ever been too. She hit the high notes perfectly every time and many times. She took request from the audience and sung everyone's favorites from year's back. Her performance was so amazing that it gives me goosebumps just thinking of it. I LOVE MARIAH CAREY !!!! She is my favorite artist of all time !!

Author: Adam I've been a loyal fan of Mariah's since the beginning. I'm so happy to see her overcome the obstacles the press have set before her. She is and will always be the #1 singer. No one has her voice. Anyhow, the concert in Tampa was FABULOUS. Mariah looked so good in her outfits, beautiful as ever. She hit all the notes PERFECTLY. When she came to the stage in the middle of the floor, I almost died. She was so close. To see my hero since 1990. I also appreciated the old songs that she dedicated to her long-time followers. I yelled at the top of my voice when she said that. Right here, right here, I yelled. :) My friends also enjoyed the concert. They were amazed that she sounded as good as on her CD. I was like, DUH. That's because she CAN sing.
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