Aug 18 2006

Atlanta Fan Reviews

Author: Tiffany Amazing, exciting, stunning, surprising, everything I expected and more! First off, I have to say i've been waiting a good 7 years to see Mariah and this was finally my chance. Ive been excited ever since I found out she was going to be in Atlanta during the summer! I live in Alabama so it was a good 4-5 hour drive but worth every bit of it. As the anticipation grew for Mariah to come out, i got soo excited. She started with It's Like That and it was awesome! Everybody was dancing and singing along ! She began Heartbreaker and Da Brat and J. Dupri came out! My friends and i were thinking of who could be guests tonight LOL. We guess Dupri right! That was a nice treat. She was workin it up there on the stage and I began to think to myself I'm actually here. I'm seeing Mariah. I've always pictured this moment in my head and i could never really imagine what it would be like...So i began to get teary eyed b/c i've waited so long and i've enjoyed Mariah's music since elementary school and now i'm in college. Anyways, She made me laugh when she was going off stage and forget she had to sing My All haha. She came back and was like oh ya i forgot ops. That performance was awesome! From the first half of songs my favorite was Fly Like A Bird. It was an instant favorite when i heard it on the Cd and even more when she performed it on the Grammys! The high notes were excellent! I loved that she had a stage in the middle! I was sititng right in line with that stage and could see her great! My favorite song of that section was Dont Forget About Us. Amazing! Really.. she blew me away. I knew she was good but that night she really put on a show and was strong. I loved the snippets of songs she sang. That was cool to add that in there. She sang Hero! My favorite song. Very inspirational.. needless to say.. i cried. I didn't think i was going to but i did as i was singing along with her. whew! amazing... i really can't express how much i love her and her music. The rest of the show was amazing. Vocally, she was on. She was strong and her cds doesn't do her justice to her singing live. Because live was so much better than listening to a cd or even watching her on tv. I'm so glad this got to be my first mariah concert. I hope it's not the last! Author: Alexis The concert was a surprise for me. My friend knew how much I love Mariah so she surprised me. I was so close to her and she is so beautiful. Everytime I hear her voice , something goes through me. And when she hit those high notes, I could just fall out. I love Mariah so much. I stayed in the same hotel. I tried to walk aroung so I could run into her. I didn't, but the concert was more than enough! I went to the concert in Atlanta and I really really really hope I get to go to another concert. I love Mariah!!!!! I cried through the first three songs because I could not believe I was finally there to meet her!!!! I cried and I thought I was going to have a sic pack when I left because I was shaking so much! She looked in my face! Oh I love that woman. She is amazing. We have been through some of the same things and I consider her a best friend even though she does not know me. I understand everything about her. Her songs describe what I feel right down to the very last point. Mariah is so beautiful and talented and gifted and hott!!! She is my best friend!!! I know I am repeatitive but I'm still in shock from Wednesday, August 9th. That was truly the happiest day of my life so far. I will forver cherish the moment I saw her, the T-shirt, the key chain, the tickets, the pictures, the card for her after party! I am... I love her. She makes a bad day seem impossible. Thanks Mariah!!!!!!! Author: KanikaB Hi there! Mariah was UNBELIEVABLE in Atlanta last week! She wore at least 5 fantastic outfits and let me say the voice was better than ever!! She did a wonderful mix of her classic hits and her new material. It was like a "greatist hits" performance - every fan's dream! Author: Jarrod First off, this was my first concert ever. I always wanted Mariah to be my first concert. She was unbelievable!!! I was in shock the whole time! Her voice was on point the whole show. I also never realised how in shape Mariah is. You could see all the muscles in her body. Her abs and legs are amazing!!! I guess I have taken her voice for granted all these years listening to her albums, but last night I was just in amazement in how someone's voice can be that phenomenal. It was a true testament that there really is a God who created us all. No one else but our creator could produce that kind of sound. Thank you Mariah Carey for such a memorable night! Highlights! It's Like That: Just awesome! The anticipation of her coming out was just too much! Jermaine Dupri came out first and did his thang and then Mariah came out on her awesome set and blew the roof off with her presence and then with her voic e! Dreamlover: Awesome as always and then Mariah and crew were like oh no and started breakin' it down into the DJ Juice Remix. Sweet! Don't Forget About Us: Phenominal. The best performance of this song yet by far. I cried at this one! Can't Let Go (Snippet): She hit the high note w/ perfection! Stay the Night: A lil bit different than the album version. Just more intensity w/ it I guess. So much power in Mariah's voice! She let it rip on this one! One Sweet Day: I had a tear in my eye at this song . Her voice was awesome ! Heatbreaker: Awesome! For sure a crowd pleaser. Fantasy: Awesome. Voice was incredible! I never realised how sexual Mariah can move with her body. Esp her abdomin area. She can really move!WOW. We Belong Together: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. The woman in front of me was like , thats my girl, that my girl, and just couldn't control herself. It was crazy. Simply phenomenal! There were so many great moments. I am still in shock that I saw Mariah in person on stage. Its like it wasn't her or something. I still don't think I can grasp the thought that she was there. I wish I could see her again on this tour! It was a magical night and will never forget it! Thank you MIMI for everything! Author: Ana I'm Ana and I'm almost 14. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a huge fan of Mariah Carey! She came to Philips Arena on August 9th this year and she was AMAZING! Although she was a few minutes late for the show, her performance from a 1-10 was a 20! She performed about 18/19 songs and she was in perfect tune through out her entire performance. I loved that she hit her high Cs perfectly!! Not only did I think it was incredible but I saw that the audience loved her too. Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri, and DJ Clue were also there which was awesome. Then later in the show Mariah stepped up on the center stage with her cute black high heels and black capris! She looked very fit and *glamourous* in every outfit! The last outfit she wore when she performed "We Belong Together" was the most beautiful in my opinion. The interesting part of the concert was when Mariah said "Bye ATL!" and left the stage. At that moment some people started heading out of Philips Arena. I was like, there is no way Mariah Carey is NOT going to perform "We Belong Together". About 2 minutes later she came back out and performed "We Belong Together", her last song. She pointed the microphone at the audience on a part of the song and we sang along. Then at the very end of the song, when she sings her heart out on the "togethaaaaa......!" part, Mariah was like bending down to the floor and it looks like she was trying really hard. I loved that. She sounded great! Then all this glitter camed for the ceiling in front of her, falling on the people that had front row seats. It looked pretty. Mariah Carey was amazing! I'm very happy that I didnt miss it :) Thank You Mariah Carey! Keep it up!:)
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