Aug 18 2006

Philadelphia Fan Reviews

Author: RCaval5393 Mariah was UNBELIEVABLE in Philly!! The show was spectacular!!! A night I will never forget! It made me realize how lucky I was to have a ticket and to watch a real legend perform!! LOVE YOU MARIAH!! Author: Michele Goodson, Ohio Although I've seen Mariah before in Cleveland, (because I'm from Ohio) and got to meet her at her signing in NYC the day "Emancipation of MiMi" came out, everyone knows that you can never get enough of Mariah. You always want just a little bit more. She's incredible; amazing; are there enough wonderful adjectives out there to describe her? Probably not. Maybe we all need to get together and coin some! :) Mariah appeared about 9:30 and performed incredibly...the show lasted for about 2 hours..which was awesome. I brought my mom with me to Philadelphia and we drove straight through to get to the show on time; we made it through turnpike obstacles and everything else--we had 7th row seats and my mom was just in awe. I've been a fan for probably 16 years now; ever since the first single and I try to follow pretty much everything Mariah does. I'm a singer; so she's a big part of my inspiration. I remembered exactly why she is that to me at this show. Her dancers were perfect; her ensembles were gorgeous; she was a complete class act just as she always exudes whenever you see her on TV or hear her speaking. I love how down to earth she is and how "at home" she is with her audience and her fans. Trey Lorenz was amazing too. I am so glad he has a CD coming out. It's about time! I think I am probably just as much a Trey fan as I am a Mariah one...I just adore him. Security was pretty tight;she also performed in the center stage; she did "Always Be My Baby" and "Don't Forget About Us" (my favorite favorite to date, but how can you put a favorite label on songs that are just one after another hot tamale and top notch?) then was rushed right past us by security after that..but that's alright..we got to see her up close and personal. Mariah just makes it all feel like one big party. The one thing I'm beginning to love is the fact that anytime I go to a "Mariah event" I make new girlfriends. That is one thing about Mariah's fans.. everyone who is really a fan of hers just "clicks". It's like this unspoken kindred moment between people. I really believe that's part of Mariah's gift. She brings people together and unites them for one moment in time at a time. I was so blessed to get to see her perform in Philly; and her show was phenomenal. For her encore, just when you think it's all over; she came out in a dazzling gown and did "We Belong Together" and I just couldn't praise her enough...the whole thing was just perfect! I loved the end when she released the little butterflies...I have a few for my scrapbook. No one does a show like Mariah. "The Voice" absolutely is just that..THE VOICE. Author: Noemi, New Jersey I went to the Mariah Carey concert last night at the Wachovia center with 4 other family members. It was the best concert I've ever been to. Mariah looked and sang beautifully. I've been her fan since day one. When I saw her last night I wanted to cry of how excited I was to see her. I also loved the way the stage was set up. It was so beautiful and full of "bling". Her outfits were great and she didn't waste time entertaining us. I was so happy when she walked down the isle with her dancers and got on the smaller stage. The crowd went crazy. It was great!!! She is also great with her fans and seems to care about us. She walked by, smiled and shook my hand. She is the best entertainer ever!!! The concert at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia was AWESOME!!!! Thanks for a great show Mariah!!!!!! Hope you have another one real soon !!!!!!! We love Mariah!! Author: Nicole I went to see Mariah last night at the Wachovia Center in Phila, PA. Mariah was a dream! She looked unbelieveable. She was so sexy, and classy and glamorous. Her beautiful voice kept everybody cheering the whole night, but nothing could of prepared me for what I felt when she came out onto the center stage to sing admist her fans. Here I was with already amazing seats and that superhuman of a woman came and sung right next to me. I had never been that close at a show ever and to have it be her. My all-time favorite singer in the world. It still makes me want to cry that I was that close to a voice like that. She made us all so proud to be her fans. I felt like I owed her when the show was over. It was a great night, the dj kept it popping while she was changing outfits. I felt like I was in a club. It was fun and you knew she was having fun. Words can't express my LOVE for Mariah Carey. Her talent, her strength, and her motivation. I will NEVER forget that night! THANKYOU MARIAH! Author: Stacey Hamblin I just came back from seeing The Adventures of Mimi Tour at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I don't think anyone left disappointed; there is not one song that I can think of that I wanted to hear, that she didn't sing. To put is simply, Mariah Carey was amazing, just amazing. There are no better words that can describe it. Author: kad906 WOW! By far the best show I have ever been to! Mariah blew the roof off, she hit every note and then some. And not to mention her gorgeous wardrobes, and great stage presence. She was really into the audience, joking with us-even stopped and signed an autograph. Diffintely a preformance that will not be forgotten! Author: Frank Im a huge Mariah fan, ever since Vision of love came out , Ive collected all of her albums. Ive been to previous tours but this I have to say has been the best. I loved how she mixed most of the older songs on the tour. It was cool cause she gave a little to her older fans and a little to her younger urban ones. The voice is still there and love when she hits the high notes. Love the costume changes, its what makes Mariah a Diva. My wife and I actually have a joke on this, if she lasts more than two songs in one outfit shes behind schedule. Anyways, go see Mariah, you'll come out a bigger fan than when you went in. Author: Briana M.C. was fantaboulous!!! I've never experienced anything like that concert! That seriously was the greatest night of my life, the vibe there was awesome. I didn't stop screaming and singing from the time she got onto the stage until after she left. She is a true entertainer. I've been waiting years for her to come back to Philly and I'd give the world to see that performance again. I LOVE YOU MARIAH!!! Author: Margot Patterson I attended the adventures of mimi tour in Philadelphia at the Wachovia center. Mariah and Sean Paul put on an amazing show! words can't even describe. I also saw Mariah with her charmbracelet tour and thought she couldn't top it but then she comes out sizzlin' hot and a total diva! Her stage set-up was breath taking and all her costume changes just made it more exciting! I am a huge fan and will contiue to be loyal to Mariah Carey. She is the Ultimate DIVA!!
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