Aug 18 2006

Philadelphia Front Row Ticket Winner Review

August 11, 2006: Philadelphia, PA. The Wachovia Center. The Voice: Unlike No Other It started off thanks to the Fan Club I was able to get tickets quickly for Philadelphia. I wanted to go to Philly because before the Wachovia Center was The Wachovia Center it was The Spectrum back in 1993. I saw Mariah sing in Philadelphia for the first time on December 2, 1993. It was an amazing show so I guess I just wanted to go to a Philly show! We thought we would be "fashionably late" but we actually made it on time. I did not see the tour bus but the Gillette: Legs Of A Goddess bus was parked outside. I went in and found our seats after walking around. You could already hear Sean Paul performing. Like the DJ, Sean Paul got the crowd moving but the sudden silence still hits before you know Mariah is somewhere and ready to come on stage. A large curtain with her initials MC had closed, the stage changed and the atmosphere became strong (at least I think so) the people in my section were singing, dancing and having a good time. We had good seats and could see everything including Mariah's Venture to Stage B where she was kind enough to sign a fans Tour book. She started off singing It's Like That, then went into Heartbreaker with Jay-Z on screen and the famous Heartbreaker movie back drop was featured on the screen! Then she started into Dreamlover, My All, Vision of Love which was just incredible. That is her first single and so amazing live. as was Dreamlover and My All. Fly Like A Bird was next. She did an outstanding, show stopping version of that song. It was powerful. And of course the incredibly talented Mr. Trey Lorenz joined her for I'll Be There. He spoke about the release of his upcoming solo album Mr. Mista: Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz. It hits stores on September 19, 2006. They sing so well together and just sound so good together. I love the rendition of I'll Be There. During the breaks a DJ played Old School songs and also songs were played during the breaks. Some Kelis, Snoop Dogg several Old School songs including Digital Underground, new and old it was all cool! Mariah then ventured into the crowd. She was taken to "Stage B" and sang Fantasy featuring ODB which is just the coolest song to sing live, everyone sings along and has fun! It is a classic song. It is unreal live!!! She sang Don't About Us and also Always Be My Baby from the Daydream album. She held the microphone out a few times and everyone did their thing and sang with her. Her back-up dancers were cool and having fun. She ventured back to the "Main Stage" and sang small pieces of I Wish You Knew, Can't Let Go which was amazing, that is the first time I believe I heard parts of that live. Also she did Thank God I Found You/Make It Last with Trey Lorenz. She also sang part of the incredible One Sweet Day with Trey. (A duet with Boyz II Men originally) they sang the song with heart. Mariah then sang one of my favorite songs and many others Hero in which she spoke of being "a standard of hers." A classic definitely. A beautiful song that has inspired many. She spoke to the crowd through out the show, spoke of a wardrobe malfunction regarding the "Butterfly/ Mermaid" ensembles LOL it was funny! The vignettes were funny. Spike Lee did a great job. Mariah asked if we liked her shoes and said "they almost didn't fit, but that's a whole other drama" LOL it was funny. She also sang Make It Happen which was just awesome to see live. I heard it before live and it was just awesome. She got into the song and just sang!!! I was glad to have attended the concert. Hearing Shake It Off was really cool too! She ended the show with We Belong Together and went into Butterfly. Sean Paul did a great job. Mariah was really amazing and her voice is one a kind. She sounded great! Seeing the show was awesome and to those who have tours coming up! Sing, dance and have lots of fun! Hope all is well! Peace and stay well! To those who have not gotten to their Adventure yet, it truly is an adventure and have fun!!!!!!! Peace, Janel
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