Aug 28 2006

Toronto (1) Fan Reviews

Author: Mike If I could say AMAZING 20,000 times and all at once it would describe the Toronto Experience with Mimi and 20,000 + Fans ! I was able to get 2tickets as a fan member, in advance on Mariah's site and even though they were row 30, I knew there was something special about those tickets. As it turned out my daughter and I got seats right at the end of the row which happened to be right in front row seating of Stage "B"! My daughter's age is about twenty so she was thrilled about the performance by Sean Paul and Mariah, his dancers were wild and got the whole place on their feet dancing and singing with Sean Paul! And she was able to get a tiny snippet of Stage"B" sorry it's a very short snippet but I'll send an attachment.After Sean Paul rocked the place for almost an hour Curtains closed covering the setup of the stage. Two large letters in gold MC on beautiful dark purple curtains blocked the setup of the stage but we noticed clouds of mists rising up from the sides of the Main Stage and it seemed to fill the whole place. Clouds of humidity for beautiful Mariah's vocal cords? She began by speaking and thanking God for being blessed and when the curtains opened Mimi appeared from a second story section of the stage and walked slowly down a sparkley staircaise down the left curving down to the Main Stage singing It's Like That, the fans giving a deafening roar.When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she danced across the Stage wasting no time getting into the second song Heartbreaker and I was thrilled and the entire audience of twenty thousand plus fans did not sit down the entire concert cheering and dancing and singing with Mimi!The band and 4back up singers across the rear of the main stage never missed a single note on any song KEYBOARDS WERE AMAZING!! Pictures were next to impossible with the amount of security and strict no picture policy. That was okay because when my favorite girl came and sang three songs on "B"Stage it turned into "A"Stage for myself and daughter Natalie. We were litterally right in front of the stage and Mariah was 15feet in front of us.ha ha beat the scalpers this time!! Thank you too Mimi for bringing all the fans in so close, and taking a moment to talk to a young fan on her dads shoulders saying something about her cute hair piece and matching her ensemble. We all love you so much!And back to the main stage with the help of a really high up LIVE DJ Helping out Mimi with costume changes and then she returned and went on right until 11pm on the dot!! I can't forget to metion special guest star Tres Lorenz!! How many more times can I say AMAZING?? Anyway they did Shining Down From Heaven. Man can she hit the high notes too, right up there with Mariah! Those humidifiers shure seem to work on everyone, speaking of humidifiers, Mimi's voice sure seems just as high and sweet as ever! Even younger sounding than the Charmbracelet Tour as I remeber it, but I'm pretty biased because she sang all my favorite songs you could possibly squeeze into an 11oclock deadline...I really loved the "snippets".I 've Loved Mariah since the Fantasy Album and Fantasy Video about ten years and it's really nice to see her in person and doing so well. I love you Mimi and keep on keepin on girl!!! My daughter Natalie and I both agreed we like so many fans will remember our "Adeventure with Mimi" ...forever. She closed the concert with We Belong Together and Butterfly Reprise...Absolutlely incredible performance.I hope I'm blessed to see you again in Toronto on the 31st of August (next week away already!). Hard to keep up! Author: e_mariah01 Last night was a night I'll never forget. It simply felt like a dream.. Here's my story: Sean Paul opened up the show with his upbeat Reggae music that got the audience pumped up for Mariah to come out. His last song "Temperature" got everyone out of their seats, dancing and singing along. The stage was different from the moment they closed the curtains to reveal the "MC" symbol in deep purple. Mariah came out singing one of her new songs "It's Like That" wearing all black: tight shorts and a belly-top showing off her abs. She was surrounded by back-up singers, dancers and big lights. My seats were on the floors, 18th row. A DJ was entertaining us as Mimi was resting backstage and changing her outfit. He played some popular dance songs to keep us going such as "Drop It Like It's Hot." She came onto the stage with a glittery yellow dress down to the floor. After a few more songs she changed yet again in a similar outfit like the first: wearing all black but her black belly-top this time was very glittery (like the dress.) I was taking a few pictures when a security guard came up to me and said "Sorry miss, but I have to take your camera. Come with me and it won't take long to check if there have been any pictures taken." I was shocked as he was saying this but as he finished, without thinking I said "No no, please.. I promise I will put it away and won't take another picture." He said fine and started walking away. Behind my row was the "B" stage, where I saw a few security guards coming toward it. I had no idea that Mariah was going to perform there! I got so excited and also realized that there was an open aisle next to me, where she would walk through to get on the "B" stage!! (My seat was at the very end of the row.) She sang "Fantasy" (remix), Always Be My Baby, (I swear I almost DIED seeing her sing that song,) and Don't Forget About Us which is one of my faves from TEOM. Once in a while she would look in my direction, and I think once or twice she looke d right at ME!! When she went and came off the "B" stage there were security guards all around her so no one can do anything to her. (I thought that was pretty smart.. even though I wanted to reach out my hand) Unfortunately I couldn't sneak any pics of her so close to me cuz of so many security guards all around the stage! There were actually 2 in front of me.. but I did take some with my camera phone (which is so useless.) She sang some other songs before changing yet again to a long blue dress, singing "Fly Like A Bird" which I thought was lovely, and you can tell it was live because she changed some notes, etc. She also sang Honey, Make It Happen, some of Can't Let Go, Close My Eyes (for the old fans) and One Sweet Day. (One of my faves.) She finished the show by singing "We Belong Together." and while saying goodbye the back-up singers were singing the chorus of "Butterfly" while big pink and purple butterflies made of confetti were flying out of a machine. I managed to get some from the floor as a memory. As we were leaving we saw at the Ticket Box a huge line of people were standing around, and apparently when I asked one of them what they were waiting for, they said "We're picking up our cameras that security had taken away during the concert." I was like what?! Then I realized just how lucky I was that they never took mine! They were close to, though.. I still can't believe how many people there were in that line. My favorite part of the night was when she sang "Always Be My Baby" on the "B" stage. It was such an amazing moment. I will never forget it. Author: PLMirage I have been to all of Mariah's previous Toronto shows, and sadly did not have good enough seats to be close to Mariah. This time, I ensured that I'd be much closer this time by waiting for over 10 hours for an amazing dance pit/GA spot! It was definitely worth it!!! Mariah opened the show with a bang and closed it in classic Mariah styles. Her voice was capitvating and alluring as always! As mentioned before, there was a hilarious and classic 'moment' during 'Vision of Love' when it had to be stopped, after Mariah missed the first line of the song due to a near-incident of 'falling on her behind'. The stiletto-sized holes on the stage were immediately fixed and the show went on without missing a beat. Mariah's voice opened up beautifully as the show rolled on, and she heartily responded to a couple of fan requests for 'Can't Let Go' and 'Close My Eyes' ( a.k.a. the song that the true fans know) snippets. She never hesitated to stop for a moment to read signs and wave back to the adoring fans. Water breaks were, of course, necessary. 'Fly Like a Bird' was performed with such overwhelming passion that the whole concert venue was silenced in awe. Old Skool jams were mixed, dancers showed off, and Trey sang his new song during costume changes. After the second costume change, Mariah went through the crowd on the right to the 'B' stage. When Mariah was on the 'B' stage, I had the opportunity to see her clearly in all her glory - and for those of you who have never seen Mariah close-up before - she radiates of indescribable beauty, beyond what any picture can capture. This tour has such a significant value and meaning to both Mariah and the Lambs. Personally, after a decade and a half of being an unfaltered lamb ol' Mariah and naming a rose after her, this tour really brought back so many memories and never failed to prove why I dedicate myself like that to noone but Mariah. Overall, the first Toronto show was a great success, and I can't wait to celebrate the Adventures of Mimi again on the 29th! Mariah is truly always imitated, never duplicated. Papow! Author: Jen (butterflywhite) Mariah is so amazing!!!! I have been a devoted fan for 13 years, from the very first time I heard her hit a high note! And what a high note 'The Adventures of Mimi' was!!! My sister and I were at the August 13th show in Toronto and she absolutely rocked it!! We drove all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia to see her in concert and it was worth absolutely every penny!! I have never had so much fun in my life! Mariah put on such a great show!! Her voice was so amazing, and beautiful, and powerful in person! She did such a great mix of old hits and new hits, but I especially loved the snippet of 'Can't let go' and 'Close my eyes' Mariah also broke it down to 'Honey' and made it so much fun! Her voice was just so beautiful and powerful that night and she really gave it all she had! Like Mariah said: "I gotta do the best I can with what I got!" I was hoping to hear 'Breakdown' my most favorite song EVER, but I really would not have changed a single thing about the concert!! Mariah's performance was incredible and she totally captivated the audience for the entire show! Mariah, I love you and you looked great and sounded so amazing!! Author: Zula I have been on adventures of mimi tour,on august 13,sunday......i don't even have words to describe the concert.She is natural talent,i really mean it...Well,the show was amazing and it was brilliant idea to have Sean Paul as an opening act...Mariah Carey was dressed pretty and glamorous as always...I think that Mariah Carey did the right thing by mixing her old songs with her new songs.....To tell the truth i adore the old songs alot....well the concert was really amazing and the stage was so pretty.I especially liiked the mc on the stage and the stairs...I thought that the purple color went great with the whole backround and with her ouitfits...Mimi has an amazing voice,i love her so much that i see her in my dreams everyday like i adored her since i was 6 but now i am 13.....Every project she does is amazing and so good....So Sean Paul was really good to he is cute....And the were like going crazy about her...And i don't like when stars dance to much which was great because Mimi danced but not to much and that's great because people mostly don't come to see the dance..They come for the hits,the moments and to listen to her amazing voice and have an adventure....Love Mariah Carey from Zula
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