Aug 28 2006

Boston Fan Reviews

Author: Butterflied I Came To Have A Party And Boy Did I Ever!!! Boston, Boston, Mimi, Mimi oh and that AMAZING VOICE! After years of missing Mariah perform over and over from my mother being in the hospital or surgeries, thanks to Honey B. Fly I finally got to see Miss Mariah do her thang. First off let me say that not only does no camera do her justice, but all these CDÂ’s, DVDÂ’s, Cassettes and Singles do not even come close to how amazing Mariah sounds up-close and personal. This women has the pipes of something not human. I was in such awe of seeing Mariah and hearing her, that my friends told me that I was crying, I donÂ’t even remember crying. It was so Amazing. Mariah came out to a packed house with screams, cheers, tears, and so much excitement! Her voice has this amazing ‘sweetnessÂ’ to it. High notes where you wouldnÂ’t think could even fit in the places she put them. Adding little laughs and jokes the show , her obvious friendship with Mister Mista AKA Big Nasty AKA Trey Lorenz! Mr. DJ Clue, everything kept the show going. Not any flaws, no problems no stress just making the most of life! She did some of the most amazing renditions of Vision Of Love, Fly Like A Bird, Make It Happen and CanÂ’t Let Go. It was so amazing to hearing a crowd of just under 20 thousand people sing back the lyrics that have helped me so much, I couldnÂ’t even imagine how Mariah feels to hear that when she wrote the stuff! She fed off of the energy from the crowd and gave back even more! Mariah truly amazes me over and over again, her Voice deserves every single one of her 17 #1 singles, It proves why she has sold over 180 Million Records , Why she is so Adored by the Millions of fans and after seeing her in those amazing costumes why she has Legs Of A Goddess. With as many people their as there was, she made everyone feel special, She kept smiling at me, gave a few giggles at my signs, waved and even blew a kiss in my direction when she saw one of my signs! Mariah truly is a one of a kind, one of a lifetime performers, writer, singer, producer, and most important a one of a kind human being who actually cares about the people who support her. Thank You Mariah for always giving me hope, knowing that sometimes we have to be our own hero and to believe in our self, to always have faith and to know that no matter what happens you can get through it. Thank You for giving a show that allowed my spirits to “FLY LIKE A BIRDÂ. Author: Naomi Smith I went to her show here in Boston, at the TD Banknorth Garden, August 21, and can I tell you that I had the best time of my life! Mariah, without a doubt, has such raw, natural talent. She can sing her butt off, and I enjoyed all of her singing. She sounded just as wonderful as she does on CD or tape. She was beautiful, although personally I think that a Diva like her shouldn't dress so scantily – lots of older folks were there and were taken aback by the first costume! But all in all I loved it! She sang Happy Birthday for a guy in the crowd who held up a sign, and she took notice of a cute little girl in the front. She said that one of her first shows was done at the TD banknorth (when it was called something else – I think fleetcenter) and that was a memorable show for her, and that she genuinely was glad to be there! She was real – she talked to us, a fan tried to hand her a flower when she was on the B-stage, and she acknowledged the person and said that she couldn't reach over and take it, but thanked the person anyway. I was so close to her at the main stage, I would have done anything to meet her! But I behaved and stayed in my area, singing at the top of my lungs, which made me hoarse the next day. I enjoyed the show. There was a very long period of delay after Sean Paul left the stage (he ROCKED!), but when she entered, all the irritation everyone felt evaporated. The end with all the pink and purple butterfly confetti was nice, I kept a whole bunch, and shared them with my 3 yr old, who knows "Always Be My Baby" by heart! It was very memorable, she has one of the best voices in history, and I am glad that she is making music again. I would have loved to hear "I am Free" form Daydream, 1995, but I think it's good enough that I can listen to it in my car every time I drive!
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