Aug 28 2006

New York Fan Reviews

Author: Marilena C. Madison Square Garden was beyond awesome. Mariah Carey performed with grace and ease. It was an absolute dream come true for me! Guest stars such as Jay Z, P-Diddy, DaBrat, Jada Kiss, and Trey Lorenz just kept appearing making the show even more spectacular!! I created a masterpiece poster for Mariah that I waved the entire time I was there!! Song after song, Mariah rocked NY!!! She looked gorgeous and was breathtaking when she sang!! The only thing I would have changed about the show were my seats!! I would have loved to be closer!! Author – Anonymous Despite the fact that Mariah doesn't perform very often at New York's Madison Square Garden, she played it on August 23rd as if it was her home court. Mariah simply dominated the arena for two whole hours in which the crowd didn't stop cheering for a second. At times, the cheers were so loud that you could barely hear Mariah when she was talking in between songs! Not only did we get the full set list in this concert, but we were given the chance of seeing what may have been the only time this tour where many of Mariah's superstar collaborators joined her on stage. Da Brat and Jay-Z both joined Mariah for "Heartbreaker," P. Diddy joined her for "Honey" and even Jadakiss and Styles P. came to share their respect for the diva of all divas. Mariah was in amazing vocal shape, but most importantly it seemed like she was having fun. She was living it up singing and dancing on stage with her collaborators, back up singers, friends and family who attended the concert, and with her fans who adore her so much. The energy of Mariah and the fans was mutual and reached unprecedented heights during fan-favorites such as "I'll Be There" and "Always Be My Baby." During "Fly Like a Bird," Mariah's pastor and church choir joined her on stage for an unforgettable performance of power and emotions similar to Mariah's smashing Grammy Awards performance from the beginning of the year. This was a concert to remember and a pivotal one in Mariah's career. It will be talked about for many more years to come!
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