Sep 06 2006

Atlantic City (2) Fan Reviews

Author: Drea aka TemptaDrea I loved the beginning rollercoaster video. I could see people getting on stage, but they were just shadows. I called out to Trey and Maryann assuming it was them. Then Mariah popped out! The night was great! She sounded great! Within the first couple songs, she said to me "Love the sign." I died! But I still held it up when she came to my side of the stage. I was doing her motions with her and she was smiling along with me. When the crowd was quiet I was making a "T" with my hands and calling out to Trey. I pointed at him and he pointed back. I blew kisses at him and he bowed with praying hands like they do in China. It was so cute. I tried yelling at Rachel when she was at our side of the stage, but it was so loud. Back to Maryann. She looked soooooooooo good! So good, that when the lights came on, I thought she was someone else. It wasn't until mid-show when Mariah went through the band that I was like, "Dayum!" Maryann is HOT TAMALE! Then there was the part when Trey sang alone for awhile when Mariah was changing. HE sang Gnarls Barkley! I so wish that I had tried to say hello to him before the show now realizing it was him practicing! Trey sounded so good and I am totally getting his new album.
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