Sep 06 2006

Albany Fan Reviews

Author: mimifan460 Last night was the best night of my life!I traveled about 2 and a half hours to see my hero, Mariah Carey.The concert was amazing.First Sean Paul came out and sang for awhile.We had to wait quite a bit to see Mariah after that, but at 9:40, Mariah took the stage. I don't rember the entire setlist, but she opened up with "It's Like That" and "Heartbreaker".My seats were pretty good, but they were a lot better than I thought.Mariah sang "Fantasy" a snippet of "Your Girl", and "Always Be My Baby" on a smaller stage RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!I was waving and screaming"I love you, Mariah"so much I'm sure the bouncers and Mariah thought I was insane!while she was on, according to my dad, Mariah smiled and waved and pointed straight at me!OMG, wow!When Mariah returned to the big stage, she sang "hero" and "don't forget about us".When Mimi left the stage, the audience started screaming "Mariah Mariah Mariah". After screaming, Mariah came out and sang "We Belong Together" and a bit of "Butterfly".The whole concert was amazing.Mariah's outfits were gorugeus, and her voice was fantastic.That was one beautiful night I'm sure I will never forget. Author – Anonymous Mariah's show in Albany was definitely an adventure! The show started with a beautifully narrated clip of a roller coaster where Mariah compared her life to the ups and downs of a roller coaster ride. The crowd was following carefully until an image of Mariah came on screen and then no one was left seated! "It's Like That" was the first song of the concert and fans could immediately tell Mariah was in a great mood. She waved to all sections of the audience and inserted some incredible ad libs during the songs. Mariah's voice was unbelievable! She showcased her amazing range during "My All," "I'll Be There" and of course "We Belong Together." We were very lucky to get a performance of "Stay The Night" which was received very warmly by the crowd. When Mariah was performing on the middle stage, she surprised everyone when instead of going into "Don't Forget Abotu Us," she started singing a great album track from 'The Emancipation of Mimi'... "Your Girl" ! Her female dancers joined her for one of the most fun performances of the night. And of course Mariah didn't forget to perform her 17th #1 "Don't Forget About Us" on the main stage! Another fun part of the show was when Mariah threw her own lip gloss into the audience, right after applying it to her lips! No one wanted the show to end but the ending couldn't have been more appropriate with the "Butterfly" music playing and confetti of butterflies flying everywhere. Thank you Mariah for a great show!
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