Sep 07 2006

Jones Beach Fan reviews

Author: Marilena C. And so I was at Jones Beach!! I could not beleive how much I further enjoyed this show even more than MSG. There wasnt as many guest stars as MSG BUT there was more MARIAH and nothing is better than that!! However, I must say that there were a variety of surprises such as Trey, DaBrat, Randy Jackson and the best of all was JACK!! Mariah brought her doggy!!! OMG was he adorable and HE BETTER win the Relly awards. Mariah was so COMFORTABLE on stage, talking with us and joking around with us like never before!! I truly was amazed to realize that Mariah is truly the real down to earth majestic legend i thought she was!! I love her! She performed the songs that us lambs were dying to hear. The whole show kept me entertained and was not the same as MSG. It felt like a brand new show! My seats in Orch G totally enriched my experience!! The sound was awesome and her VOICE the VOICE was even more incredible than I imagined!! Just like MSG, Mariah pretended to be done after HERO but she returned to please her fans and hang out a little more w/ a grand butterfly finale!! As if things could not be more perfect, FIREWORKS lit up JONES BEACH after the concert was over as if they were celebrating MARIAH!!! What a magnificent sight!! I had the time of my life and would do it all over again!!! Author - Anonymous New Yorkers came out full of festivity to Mariah's final concert in NY and the only one in her hometown of Long Island. There were a lot of special things about this concert - starting with the fact it was outdoors. At around 9pm, Mimi's "Beach Party" was on! No one in the audience knew what they were in for. Mariah kept the entire audience at the amphitheater on their feet for nearly two hours with upbeat songs, remixes, popular hits and powerful performances of her ballads including "Fly Like a Bird" which Mariah performed with her own pastor who also appears on the record with her. Being the Long Island girl that she is, Mariah made sure to tell us about loving to get her nails done but not being able to do so before the show. She kept talking to her friends and fans in the audience including her cheerleading fans and two girls, Christine and Kelly, who asked her to perform "Close My Eyes". All of Mariah's big fans in the audience could not believe it when Mariah actually sang the song, a rather obscure fan-favorite! Two special guests were introduced to us during the show... one of them was Randy Jackson who is Mariah's musical director and the other is Mariah's own dog Jack, a superstar in his own right, who was brought onto the stage to huge cheers from Mariah's fans. The show kept going and Mariah sang "Your Girl" while dancing to a cute girly choreography. She also threw her lipstick to the fans in the crowd. When the show ended, there were fireworks in the sky making a grand finale to a grand concert. Author: D Fales Mariah was at her best on September 3 at Jones Beach in Long Island! Loved loved loved the analogy of her life being a roller coaster ride!! Everyone knows that Mariah has the best voice in the world but what I liked (as someone in the mental health field) is that despite her beauty and great talent she is 'a normal person' who goes through life learning like all of us! She shared with the audience about going to beauty school and her nail story that day! It turned out to be a warm windy night (I was worried about rain.. which it didn't!) This concert was worth the 350.00 I spent for my friend and I to go and I will go again if she has another concert.
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