Sep 11 2006

Washington D.C. Fan Reviews

Author: Romuel I saw The Adventures of Mimi lastnight (September 7) at Verizon Center in Washington DC. It was the greatest come back of the century. At the beginning, they showed a video of a roller coaster as she describes her journey in life. She started singing in a gorgeous two piece outfit with a black silk cape latched with long diamond lace. Her evening gowns were strikingly elegant and dazzling as well. She still has her very powerful voice accompanied by a great talent of back ups. The main stage was where Mariah did most of her greatest hits and new songs. It was nice for them to build a smaller stage in the middle of the arena for people in the ring side to see her up close where she performed some of her hits. You'd think that after a decade of singing mostly songs of complex notal patterns and a great number of very high notes that she'd loose it in no time but it was amazing how she maintained her consistency. There are a lot of new breed artists out there trying to break Mariah Carey's record but I think no one can but herself. I was waiting for her to sing Mine Again but I guess it wasn't part of the program. What a night to remember nonetheless
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