Sep 11 2006

Detroit Fan reviews

Author: Ricardo Last night was magical to say the least! I was at the Palace last night with my best freind in the GA section. We were right in the front so we really got to see Mariah up close and personal! It was incredible! The roar from the fans was amazing and Mariah was soaking it right up! She was like..."I love this section." Her voice was on point! She sounded splendid and even my best friend who is not a huge Mariah fan told me she sounded awesome and he loved her rendition of Dreamlover, Vision of love, Fly like a bird and Hero. To say the least Mariah killed it last night. She had the entire arena which looked pretty much packed and sold out on their feet from beginning to end. But what made my night was that I made a sign because I wanted Mimi to sing this special song for us lambs who love it to death. The sign said..."Mariah please sing Melt Ricardo." And as I was right in front of the GA section she read it and began to sing a snippet! I was in shock the entire time, but that more than made my night! I couldn't have asked for more...a fantastic concert and she sang my request! I can't wait to see her again tomorrow night in chicago. Also, I don't see how folks complained about her changing sessions being long. They were less than 5 minutes and the DJ had the entire arena on their feet, we barely even noticed that Mariah was changing. For those who haven't seen Mariah yet on this tour, you guys are in for a treat! Oh my God! Her voice is just incredible live! God has truely blessed her with an incredible gift and I had the opportunity of a life time to experience it. Author: Kristine R. This is my third time seeing mariah live and she never seems to disappoint. i really liked the opening with the roller coaster. The concert was hot!!! She sounded and looked amazing!! She really looked like she was having a good time! Author: Michele I've been to many concerts over the past few years...i've seen many amazing artists perform live. But i never enjoyed myself more then i did last night @ The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan. Mariah sounded amazing and looked it too. This was the first time i've seen mariah perform in tour and i've always wanted to see her but she never came to Detroit. The crowd was amazing and it looked like a sold out show! (so please come to detroit again mimi!!!) Im so sad the show is over, i wish i could go to more shows. Mariah's voice last night was flawless, she brought chills through me and tears to my eyes! Its still surreal that i got to see her perform last seems like i've been waiting forever for that moment! My favorite performance was either 'My All" or "Vision of Love" and wow she hit so many high notes throughout the evening. It seemed so short but the show was the normal time. I just never wanted it to end. I was standing near the B stage and when she came out i thought i was gonna pass out LOL. Her voice sounded to fresh and new. Like it was the first stop on her tour....ahh i cannot describe it LOL. Then she sang a snippet of melt away and that was amazing! It was acapella. WOW i dont even know what else to say, im just so sad its over and i hope she comes to detroit from now on! Author: Coretta Three Words...Oh. My. God!! If you could be close enough to Mariah, to see an adorable freckle on her stomach, a flawless pedicure, perfectly bronzed skin...what would you do? Try front row and directly on the path of glory. If you've studied the stage layout, you'll know what I mean. The stage design and layout are spectacular! Mariah's appearance is beyond words. Her beauty is unbelievably more breathtaking in person than on screen. Cameras are not allowed, so pictures are not possible my fellow fans but I can assure you that what you will see will be easy to record to your memory. We were in front row and directly beside the path that Mariah walks through from 2nd stage back to the main stage. I was lucky enough to touch her hand. Yes, I touched Mariah's hand! She smelled fantastic, a sweet vanilla fragrance. Additionally, throughout the concert I'd wave to her and show some love and she returned it every time. She waved, she put a hand over her heart and she flirted a bit with my husband and immediately after doing so, told the crowd "Wow, you know there are some really good looking fellas out here tonight." My husband will never fully recover from his excitement. It was awesome!!! That was his best birthday present ever. To top all of this off, we were filmed on the camera and placed up on the stage screens at least 5 times. My friend, B was in the dance floor section and was totally amazed to see me up there. I'm telling you this...if you can swing front row, it is totally worth every penny you spend. Use the plastic if you have to. It will be a life time experience that you will never forget. Author: Kristin (graceofmim) - Front Row Ticket Winner Awesome Seats!!! Thank you so much! We were dead center, front row...definetely the best seats in the house. I will never forget this experience. Mariah did an awesome job! I even had a moment with Mariah.....couldn't believe it! She was singing "My All" right in front of me and we were looking at each other for a good minute, singing together, and even smiled at each other at the same time. When she looked away my friend Beth looked right at me and said "Oh my God, She was looking right at you!" was amazing, unbelievable, words cannot express how that felt. She walked through the crowd, and was literally 2 inches away from me. It was awesome! Trey Lorenze came out and sang "I'll Be There" and "One Sweet Day" with Mariah. It was so amazing to see him too, I remember being 8 years old and watching "MTV Unplugged and seeing them perform together. She even sang "Melt Away" acapella because one of the fans asked her too. Her voice is so amazing, which I already knew. I still cannot believe how close we actually were. I could see the sweat on Mariah's face. I wanted to say "hi" to Andrea and Nicki, we met at the concert and they were awesome. Had a lot of fun with you girls! All the dreams the little girl inside me had come true that day. Only backstage passes could have made the night any better (and pictures). Thanks again so much for this opportunity, it left me speechless. Author: Shayla The concert was amazing. That day was a very hetic day. I had to work in Lansing until 7:30 and it takes an hour and a half to get to The Palace so as soon as I got off work me and my boyfriend hurried up and changed and was on the road I'm a little sad I didn't get to see her first song or two seeing that I arrived at 9:15 but it was so worth driving 80 miles rushing to see. The concert was my 20th birthday gift from my boyfriend. I've loved MC ever since I was 3 or 4 when she first came out and I've always wanted to see her perform live and to have that come true and for her to go back and sing all her old songs especially HERO (because that song got me through a time in my life) It was all worth it. Thank you Mariah for being such an inspiration through your songs and just who you are as a person.
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