Sep 13 2006

East Rutherford Fan Reviews

Author: HerFantasyIsRudy When I think back to the night of August 27, 2006, when I sat front row for Mariah's East Rutherford, NJ show, I still feel goosebumps and fondly remember her soaring vocals, giving nature, sheer physical beauty, unbelievable backup dancers. It was one of the best days of my life, and being able to bring along my mom, who has helped me in all my Mariah endeavors throughout my years of fandom and has supported Mariah just as much as I have, made it all the better. Originally this was going to be my last show on the tour, but by the time next Sunday rolled around before I knew it I was at Jones Beach and tailgating with fellow lambs before the show! Because of Mariah I saw Long Island for the first time. However, if the NJ show had been my final show as I had planned, I would have left the tour with a true bang, as Mariah never sounded better. As usual, Mariah sounded evenly powerful and vulnerable, a unique, endearing quality she has always held. "Don't Forget About Us" and "My All" showcased this in utmost perfection. Every note was hit perfectly, and all the while Mariah never forgot to acknowledge myself, my friend Rachel, and several other fellow lambs all clustered at the foot of the stage. It was so funny when one dude asked her to sing "Prisoner," one of her least favorite of her own tunes. One can only dream. :) "Fly Like a Bird" was as stirring as usual; I thought my cell phone was vibrating in my pocket until I realized my legs were shaking on their own. "Dreamlover," with its awesome new "it was all a dream!" sequence was indeed a dream, and "Honey" and "Heartbreaker" sizzled with energy and vocal astonishment. And who could forget her triumphant entrance with 2005's then long overdue comeback hit "It's Like That." Without a doubt, it was indeed her night...and ours as well. No review could do without mentioning how amazing Trey, Mary-Ann and Sherry were backing up Mariah. There is obviously a reason she keeps them close at hand. It also must be said that Trey has never sounded better cruising through his 3 song set. Few could do Luther Vandross justice, but he certainly can, and this is coming from someone who is lucky enough to have seen the late legend perform one heck of a concert on his final tour. All things said, I could not have hoped for a better evening in the front row watching my favorite singer/songwriter of all time do what she does best and know that, no matter how big or small the crowds remain through the years, I will always be there for her. Author – Anonymous There's one perfect word to describe Mariah at her East Rutherford show in New Jersey: stunning. Not only did Mariah look stunningly gorgeous, but she was able to stun the audience with her dazzling voice and dashing personality. Continental Arena is one of the bigger venues Mariah is playing on this tour, yet Mariah was able to recognize some familiar faces in the crowd who came to support her... and her dog, Jack! Two fans held up a sign that said "Vote For Jack at the Rellys" and Mariah pointed it out and wanted to have it on the video screens. A big surprise took place when singer Mario stepped on stage after Mariah wished him a happy birthday. He then joined Mariah for a beautiful and touching performance of "One Sweet Day." Another standout in the show was the performance of "Make It Happen" which marked the last tour stop thus far in which Mariah performed this song. This was a fantastic concert and I couldn't ask for more!
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