Sep 13 2006

Chicago Fan Reviews

Author: Nicole Brocks Show Tidbits * Mariah's Outfits were "Hot Tamale" * Vision of Love was by far one of the best performances ever * Mariah's voice was great, a little swore at the end but great * A fan in the stands has a sign that requested "Whenever you call" but Mariah said no. * About 15 fans has signs saying it was their birthday * I made a fanbook and a sign that said "Mariah You are My Hero" I held it up for the song Hero, I don't think she saw it though * I did not get to give the fanbook to Mariah but I found someone who would * This was my first Mariah concert ever and it was AWESOME Author: Angelie M. Mariah was so fetch in Chicago! LOL! I am an even bigger fan than I was before, if that is at all possible! She has this way of mesmorizing her crowd! We were helpless to this siren! I was in the fourth row, the first seat in my row. Mariah walked right past me and for 2 gloreous seconds, I could have touch her! Thank you Mariah for that incredible experience! I know she loves us because she trusts us enough to walk amongst us. I love this chic! Author: Donna M. I just saw Mariah in concert at the United Center. It was the first time I had been to a Mairah Carey concert and let me tell you it was one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to. She looked and sounded fantastic. I have gone through many struggles this last year and this last May I got in contact with the First Love of my life. We hadn't talked for 13 years, in fact the last time we talked was the day we broke up. Now 13 years later I called him and we are best friends again and in love. He introduced me to the Emancipation of Mimi album and it changed my life. I can relate almost every song on the album to going back to my First Love. Thank you Mariah for inspiring me to make a life change. Her songs are so loving and so inspirational. She makes you think about love, life & your purpose here on this earth. Her voice was so angelic. I can't say enough about how incredibly fantastic the show was. Mariah was very engaging with the audience and she was just perfect in every way. Thanks for an incredible evening. One that I will never forget. Author: Joey I've seen Mariah Carey performances on tapes when she was younger and recently, and I thought I saw and heard it all when she came to Chicago for the rainbow tour march, 25 2000. But on sept.11, 2006 at the United Center that had to be her strongest perfomace! She really sang her heart out and she never looked better! When she sang DREAMLOVER she hit her super sonic high pitch note at the beginning of the song. Mariah has plenty of songs that are so deep I cry when I'm listening to them alone, and when she sang HERO I couldn't fight the tears..GOD bless our world for Mariah Carey!! She is the world champion for all kinds.
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